By Kent Munson, F5, Principal Solution Engineer

Introducing VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for F5

In today’s application-centric world, ensuring that applications remain available, fast and secure is the end result of all of our hard work.  Whether the deployment of these applications is within the data center in a private cloud or even in the public cloud, application availability is critical to your business success.

The VMware vRealize Suite of products and in particular vRealize Operations is a critical component to ensure that your virtual and physical infrastructure is  available by providing key insights into all components of the application stack.  Extending this capability to application delivery services allows you to have a full view into the health of your application and take action as needed.  An example would be an offline web application server being removed from an F5 load balancing pool and replaced with a healthy application server.

Last August at VMworld 2015, F5 and Blue Medora introduced a vRealize Operations Management Pack for F5 BIG-IP.  The vRealize Operations Management Pack for F5 shows both virtual as well as physical BIG-IP devices and can provide a top level view of your application health.  This allows  you to monitor the critical components of application delivery at the virtualization layer to diagnose issues to make adjustments in real-time.

The screen below shows a consolidated view of the application stack elements allowing you to determine bottlenecks, identify potential problems before they occur, and optimize your virtual or physical application infrastructure.

vRealize Operations Management Pack for F5

Over the coming year, F5 will share integration efforts with the vRealize Suite including the Log Insight Content Pack, vRealize Orchestrator Plugin and vRealize AutomationBlueprints.

To obtain additional information and a free trial on the Blue Medora Management Pack for F5 please visit Blue Medora .  If you prefer conversation, feel free to reach out to F5 with any questions or feedback at F5 vRealize Integration Team.  Wishing you fast available and secure applications in 2016!