VMware Integrated OpenStack is the fastest and most reliable way to run OpenStack and works better with VMware than any other technology. The VMware-centric approach is highly-efficient and time-saving. For a production-ready, highly-available configuration of OpenStack implemented manually, the process could take weeks. Using a deployment tool from one of our partners could take several days. With our tool, using a VMware-centric approach, and with the proper knowledge of OpenStack, IT administrators can deploy VOI in as little as 15 minutes.

VMware Integrated OpenStack

Stack diagram for VMware Integrated OpenStack

VMware Integrated OpenStack is the most efficient and effective way to run OpenStack because it is designed to work hand-in-hand with VMware infrastructure and cloud management tools making OpenStack deployment and operation quick and easy. For Application DevOps Teams, this coordinated approach includes:

  • Application Management and Automation (custom code, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, vRealize Automation)
  • Developer tools (OpenStack API SDKs, CLI Tools, and a Web Portal)
  • IaaS API Services + Drivers (Computer API, Network API, Storage API, and Image API).

Recognizing that OpenStack needs virtualization, VMware delivers OpenStack on SDDC infrastructure components providing the underlying technology for Cloud Infrastructure Teams to manage the corresponding APIs:

  • VMware’s vSphere hypervisor manages the compute API. VMware Integrated OpenStack uses a compute cluster which is unique compared to other OpenStack distributions, or the implementation of OpenStack on other hypervisors. Other virtualization technologies can expose individual hypervisors. VIO takes advantage of cluster capabilities by using a driver that works with vMotion, vRealize Suite and High Availability.
  • VMware’s Network Virtualization Platform (NSX) manages the Network API. NSX networking provides fully-featured networking capabilities.
  • vSphere Datastores (both third-party and Virtual SAN) manage the Storage and Image APIs.

VMware also provides Infrastructure Ops and Management so that the Cloud Infrastructure team can run the hardware behind those virtualization technologies. These tools include vRealize Operations, Log Insight, and vRealize Business. In fact, Log Insight’s infrastructure ops and management is the perfect underlying technology to use the Open Stack API to manage data stores.

In short, VMware Integrated OpenStack is optimized for the SDDC and VMware brings superior management capabilities to the OpenStack world.