VMware vCloud Director is a software product that provides the ability to build secure, multi-tenant clouds by pooling virtual infrastructure resources into virtual data centers and exposing them to users through Web-based portals and programmatic interfaces as a fully-automated, catalog-based service.

VMware is happy to announce the release of the newest version of the Log Insight Content Pack for vCloud Director which supports both vCD 5.5 and 5.6 SP. This new content pack was built in very close cooperation between the Log Insight Team and VMware’s OneCloud Systems Management Team who is responsible for providing quality tools and content for managing VMware’s internal private cloud which is currently supporting over 150,000 VMs. We hope that our unique blend of development and operational experiences will assist you in making your vCloud Director environment more transparent and manageable.

Some highlights of this content pack are:

Detailed vApp activity information: This content pack will give you visibility into the vApp operations that are happening and shows you load as well as usage trends. Next time your boss asks you what your churn rate is and how many VMs you deployed last week you’re going to hit that one out of the park!

vCloud vApp Activity

Detailed vApp Statistics

Consolidated operational health overview: Allows you to have a clear picture of the overall health of your vCD environment and find problematic areas that you did not know existed.  With this content pack you can visually track failed deployments and failed operations among other things. Need alerting too, not a problem!

vCloud Health Overview

vCloud Health Overview

Robust alerting: Capitalize on a collection of alerts built by an experienced cloud team to help you quickly detect and respond to issues in your environment when something goes wrong.

vCloud Alerts

vCloud Alerts

The updated content pack can be found on the solutions exchange or via your Log Insight Server’s Content Pack Marketplace section. Outside of supporting the new vCD 5.6 SP here are a few additional things that you can look forward to in the new content pack:

  • Improved VM churn rate statistics. Be able to tell exactly how many VMs and vApps your environment is churning out as well as other operations it is doing
  • Addition of alert on inaccessible datastores
  • Bugfixes w.r.t vApps deployed from catalog are now accurately presented