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Log Insight Content Pack for Cisco Nexus

Logs offer the source of truth for operationally managing Cisco Nexus switches, yet require years of Cisco CLI experience to understand. The Cisco Nexus Content Pack for Log Insight, structures the Nexus logs into meaningful, actionable data with simple to visualize custom dashboards, and intuitive graphical views. Operation teams now have meaningful dashboards for what has traditionally been highly unstructured data.

  • Left hand point and click dashboard selector by Nexus feature types (routing, switching, security etc) for quickly analyzing software and hardware problems. Coverage includes Nexus 2K, 3K, 5K, and 7K switches.
  • Alerting based on high severity message types and the frequency of these messages being generated.
  • Time of day analysis, and the ability to roll back to previous days, weeks, and months, for looking at Nexus log events that may have or are impacting issues related to security, performance or outage conditions.

The content pack for Nexus switches offers easy to understand, visual representation on 8 different Nexus switch operation functions. The content pack sorts the log messages collected by feature and technology types, for quick, graphical representation of messages by severity level, and the impact of these operationally.

The Nexus Switching content pack collects and organizes the Log messages based upon the type and priority of the message and stores these into the database for time of day analysis. The Log Insight system administrator can then view the log messages by networking functions including routing, switching, security, access, authentication, as well as the more common device and interface type, for researching and remediating problems.

ss_security ss_interface

The content pack has 12 dashboards, 65 widgets, and 5 alerts specific to Nexus switches. Both Nexus fixed and modular chassis are supported including the Nexus 2K, 3K, 5K, 6K and 7K. More notable features include reporting on security, device, topology, and performance events that impact the operations of the data center network.

Download the Content Pack on our the VMware Solution Exchange.


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  1. I’ have thousands Nexus 9000 Log-Entries in the LogInsight-Database, but the Content-Pack didn’t detect any Nexus-Switch.

    Seems to have a reason that VMware notes only “including the Nexus 2K, 3K, 5K, 6K and 7K.” but no “9K”.

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