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If you’re a CIO, lead IT Finance, or the head of Infrastructure and/or Operations in an enterprise that is pressured from stakeholders to justify IT costs or needs data to help the lines-of-business (LOB) make fact-based investment decisions, chances are very good that you are seeking ways to get better at IT Financial Management (ITFM).

You may also be at a point, where manual processes, such as spreadsheets are just no longer sustainable.   It may be time to look at an automated solution to facilitate the processes.  Well, you have come to the right place.  VMware is now sharing Gartner’s latest Market Guide for IT Financial Management Tools for FREE!  The report covers VMware and other vendors participating in the ITFM marketplace and provides guidance on selecting an automated solution that is right for you.

Why VMware for ITFM?

You may be wondering why VMware is even in the ITFM space.  It has to do with the cloud, the disruptive innovation. Cloud is driving a fundamental change in the way LOB and IT interact. The ability of LOB to source IT services directly from third party cloud service providers is forcing a change in IT’s mission from focusing solely on the delivery of IT services to first and foremost being a Broker of IT services. Making the cost of services transparent is a key responsibility of IT in this new “Broker” role as it helps ensure that the organization can make optimal decisions around what services should be delivered internally versus which services should be consumed from the cloud.

As IT organizations transform their responsibility from being expert operators, to being a broker of best-in-class services, they must transform their business management capabilities to enable them to govern and manage their changing service portfolio: Internal and External Services. CIOs need tools to help support the IT value conversation by determining and managing actual cost, cost efficiencies, SLAs, and time-to value of consuming and delivering services via any cloud model – private, public or hybrid.

VMware’s mission is to enable the CIO to transition IT to becoming a true Broker of IT Services, and IT Business Management capabilities are strategic to delivering the foundation for IT-as-a-Service with the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC).

Read the Report

Click here to read the report. Be sure to also visit us online at VMware vRealize Business to learn more about how you can jump start your financial transparency initiative with VMware.


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