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Introducing VMware vRealize Business

Empowering Infrastructure and Operations teams with intuitive cloud business management capabilities

VMware is unveiling the new VMware vRealize Business (formerly VMware IT Business Management Suite), including vRealize Business 6.0 Standard and vRealize Business 8.2 Advanced/Enterprise.

vRealize Business

As IT organizations begin to rely more on cloud services – whether internally delivered or externally sourced  –  to deliver IT services that scale to meet business demand, understanding the cost of services and making it transparent is a key responsibility of IT, as it helps ensure that the enterprise can make optimal decisions around what services should be delivered internally versus which services should be consumed from the cloud. vRealize Business helps address this challenge, by providing transparency and control over the costs and quality of IT services enabling CIOs to align IT with the business.

In this new release, VMware is further empowering the Head of Infrastructure and Operations with business management capabilities essential for creating, delivering, and managing an SDDC-based cloud infrastructure, by providing an unparalleled easy on-ramp and fast time to value.

New Cloud Business Management Capabilities

In the last release, VMware enhanced cloud comparison capabilities, including VMware vCloud Air costing and the ability to manually add any service provider; out-of-the-box (OOTB) data center cost analysis; cost and utilization analysis categorized by vRealize Automation (formerly vCloud Automation Center) entities; as well as, introducing an I-pad app for IT executives.  In this release, VMware is further enhancing cloud business management capabilities, delivering users an intuitive decision-making experience, with the following new capabilities out-of-the-box:

  • Ability to define cloud service pricing policy & calculate charges
  • EMC SRM managed storage integration
  • Enhanced showback reporting capabilities
  • Business Planning/Budgeting capabilities for Infrastructure owners
  • Support for 13 new currencies   vRB PCA & CSPP

In addition, building on the business case generator feature introduced in the last release, the IT Financial Management capabilities of vRealize Business will be further enhanced by introducing a new service planning dashboard.  The new dashboard provides service planning and optimization capabilities, extending IT Financial Management to Service Owners.  Through a wizard-based interface, the new dashboard helps Service Owners to better understand the financial implications of introducing new services or re-planning existing services or terminating existing services.

Finally, VMware is starting an early bird access program to new benchmarking capabilities focused on infrastructure with collaboration and social elements built into the platform.

To summarize, this release is about:

  • Cloud Business Management for Infrastructure and Operations teams
  • Enhanced user experience – intuitive decision making capabilities with OOTB analytics
  • Faster time to value – pricing cloud services without cost modeling and general ledger integration

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements and thought leadership around cloud business management!

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To learn more about VMware Cloud Business Management solutions, visit us online at VMware vRealize Business.  To learn more about how the rest of VMware’s Cloud Management Platform capabilities can help you to quickly deliver infrastructure and applications on vSphere and other hypervisors, physical infrastructure, and private and public clouds, all with the control IT needs, visit us online at vRealize Suite.



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