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Cloud Chargeback Part 2 – Understand Your Costs

by Rich Bourdeau

Very few companies have a good handle on the true costs of their IT services.    While most vRealize Understand Costscompanies may know how much they paid for their hardware, very few truly understand the fully burdened cost (software, administration, maintenance, space, power cooling, etc.) of their infrastructure. 

Combine that with the fact that several virtual machines with different configurations are sharing the same physical resource, do you really have an accurate idea of how much a given machine or application is costing you?  Also do you know how your costs compare with your competitors and are they in line with industry best practices?

If your goal is to be an internal cloud provider you will want to make sure that the price you charge really compensates for the service rendered.  If you don’t have a good understanding of your cost how do you expect to accurately charge for a given service.

How VMware vRealize Suite Helps
VMware vRealize™ Business software (formerly IT Business Management), a component of the vRealize Suite cloud management platform, supplies data on the costs of physical, virtual and public cloud resources.  Leveraging a knowledgebase of industry and vendor costs combined with your actual usage information it can establish your total cost of ownership for both virtual and physical resources.  These reference costs can be modified to reflect your specific costs and discount structures.   To learn more about how vRealize software can help you better under your cloud infrastructure costs I recommend you watch this short video on Business Management for Cloud.

 vRealize Business Management

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