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Dell’s Chapter 2 with the EqualLogic Storage Management Pack

Dell’s first foray into operational analytics for Storage kicked off 2014 with a vCenter Operations Management Pack for Compellant Storage.     Recently Dell added a similar solution for their Equalogic Storage line and this broad coverage over their storage lines puts Dell among the leaders in our partner community.

The Management Pack  for Dell EqualLogic storage is a free solution for vCenter Operations Suite that coordinates with SANHQ to deliver performance and health metrics of your EqualLogic Storage to the VMware VI administrator.  The Management pack not only aggregated storage metrics, correlates with the necessary vSphere constructs and comes with four dashboards and the ability to customize them and create new ones based on what you want to see.  Like all of our storage and network based Management Packs, this requires vCenter Operations Advanced Edition.

These out of the box dashboards include:

EqualLogic Storage at a glance – Covering the various groups you are monitoring, pools, volumes and overall health and performance metrics


EqualLogic Storage Metrics – Allows you to drill down to various storage components and view metrics and statistical graph information


EqualLogic & VMware Relationship – This dashboard takes the VM information and correlates it with the underlying EqualLogic storage so you can follow a VM directly to the storage system


EqualLogic Volume Top-N Reports – This dashboard shows a variety of top 25 pieces of information to look for outliers such as top 25 IOPs, Read Latency, or other metrics


All of this performance information is captured from SANHQ which is the monitoring software used with Dell EqualLogic SAN storage.

Get this free download on the VMware Cloud Management Marketplace.


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