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vCenter Operations Management Tech Tips: Tip #23 – vCenter Log Insight Content Packs

Hi everyone!

I often get asked “where do I go to get Content Packs for vCenter Log Insight“.  As a result I wanted to share this short article on this.

It is simple to pull in logs from different aspects of an environment, for example storage arrays, physical devices, Operating systems, Network devices, etc.. etc….  But how do I make sense of all the log messages being ingested?

Content Packs are plugins for vCenter Log Insight.  They provide knowledge about the events and log messages.  These content packs are built by individuals with expertise in the different solution areas to help put these messages in a format that is easy to understand.

Content Packs include Dashboards, Queries, Extracted Fields and Alerts.

I’ve put together this short video that talks about where to go to get Content Packs, and discusses how to import them and leverage them in vCenter Log Insight.

Hope you enjoy this video!



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