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Achieving Operational Efficiency through vCenter Operations with Dell Storage

Storage and vCenter Operations have been top of mind this week…  We all know about the explosion of data and this has significant impact on our lives as IT professionals.  Admins have more servers to support and are looking for ways to do tasks consistently and quickly in their virtualized environments.  To assist with this ongoing need, Dell has created multiple VMware integrations to streamline and expedite day to day storage administrative tasks in vSphere environments.

The first integration highlighted today is the Dell vSphere Client plugin.  Workflows such as creating and mapping a new datastore, extending a datastore, setting up volume replications, creating SAN-based consistent VM snapshots, recovering VM data from SAN snapshots, and monitoring and troubleshooting can all be done with just a few clicks from the vSphere native client or web client plugins.  By obviating the need to switch between storage and vSphere consoles to perform common tasks, administrators can eliminate 50% of the steps required when creating a new datastore and 94% of the manual steps when creating 20 new datastores. In addition these procedures are performed consistently and accurately utilizing VMware and Dell Storage best practices.

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The second Dell Storage integration comes in the form of root cause identification and remediation.  How long does it take for admins to diagnose where issues lie in their virtual infrastructures?  Is the issue in the Network, SAN, or Hosts?  By integrating Dell Storage with VMware vCenter Operations Manager, customers can leverage deep storage analytics coupled with VMware infrastructure analytics, enabling them to quickly identify issues as well as all the impacted workloads.

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Utilizing the Dell Solution Pack for vSphere Operations Manager, customers can quickly identify issues and bottlenecks in the VMware infrastructure leading to faster remediation of the issue.

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By coupling the power of Dell Storage integrations with your VMware vSphere environment you are empowered to do more.  Learn more about this Dell Management Pack at the VMware Cloud Management Marketplace or learn more about Dell storage.  To learn more visit Dell Storage.


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