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vCenter Operations Management Tech Tips: Tip #17 – vCenter Configuration Manager – vSphere Hardening and Compliance

Hi everyone!

In my previous Tech Tip #16 we discussed and showed how to collect data from the vSphere environment.  In this Tech Tip, I’d like to show how to perform hardening and compliance for the vSphere environment.

This will allow you to determine the compliance posture of your vSphere environment against the vSphere hardening guidelines as well as the ability to perform remediation actions against the vSphere environment.

I will also show how to perform some regulatory compliance checks against the vSphere environment.  The great thing is the ability to automate these checks, and automatically generate reports and have them sent to the necessary individuals.

Please take a looks at this few minute video as I walk through the above.


Stay tuned for my next post which will be on how to take the Compliance Scores from VCM and send them to the vCenter Operations Manager console.

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