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vCenter Operations Management Tech Tips: Tip #15 – vCenter Configuration Manager Simplified Installation

Hi folks,

Today’s vCenter Operations TechTip blog post, with Tip #15, comes to you from Hicham Mourad, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager focused on cloud operations management.



vCenter Configuration Manager is a component of the vCenter Operations Management Suite. It helps many of our clients manage change and compliance in their existing environments. In this latest release we have simplified the installation process of vCenter Configuration Manager 5.7 to meet the requirements of most of the implementation scenarios for both single tier and two tier environments. This specific feature / installation type is called “Typical Installation”.

Typical installation takes what used to be many screens in the installation process and reduces that to 2 screens, and an optional 3rd screen. It really reduces the input required by the installer.

Please watch this short video of me going through this installation and walking through the simple steps. FYI, apparently my voice isn’t video worthy, so we had someone with a voice better than mine re-record the audio on top of the video. So here’s vCenter Operations Tech Tip #15 for you. Enjoy!

Hope you liked the above TechTip. Also, in my upcoming posts, I will discuss the following topics.
* How to configure data collections from the vSphere environment
* vSphere hardening and compliance
* Pulling Compliance Data from vCenter Configuration Manager into vCenter Operations Manager

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Look forward to sharing more with you again soon.