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Going to VMworld Europe? Don’t Miss These Sessions on Cloud Operations Management!

Alright folks, VMworld Europe is almost upon us, and if you are going to be there, you might have already planned out what sessions you are going to attend. Or you might be thinking, “Oh, I’ll make my list in the flight over to Barcelona. There’s plenty of time!”

Well, no matter which category you fall in, here I have THE list of sessions that you don’t want to miss, especially if you care about how to manage the performance, capacity and configuration of your infrastructure, whether virtual, physical, or hybrid cloud environment.

Here are the sessions featuring vCenter Operations Management Suite. And there’s a good variety in the type and level of content. Alright here goes, in chronological order:

  • Oct 15 Tue 11am, VCM5539 – The Missing Link: Storage Visibility In Virtualized Environments
  • Oct 16 Wed 2pm, VCM4992 – Tips and Tricks for Capacity Risk Assessment, Rightsizing and Planning
  • Oct 16 Wed 2pm, VCM5811 – How to Manage vSphere and Hybrid Cloud with vCenter Operations Management
  • Oct 16 Wed 3pm, VCM5008 – vCenter Operations and the Quest for the Missing Metrics
  • Oct 16 Wed 3:30pm, VCM5100 – How to Customize Your vCenter Operations Management Deployment for Your Specific Business Needs
  • Oct 16 Wed 5pm, VCM5009 – Practical Real World Reporting with vCenter Operations
  • Oct 17 Thu 9am, VCM4952 – Practicing What We Preach: VMware IT on  vCenter Operations Management Suite and vCloud Automation Center
  • Oct 17 Thu 12pm & 3pm, VCM5169 – How to troubleshoot VM performance issues across applications, infrastructure and storage using vCenter Operations Management(Live Demonstration!)
  • Oct 17 Thu 1:30pm, VCM4981 – How to Identify if Your vSphere Environment is Configured to Meet Your Internal IT Standards
  • Oct 17 Thu 1:30pm, VCM5781 – What’s New and What’s Next in vCenter Operations: A Tech Preview

So there you have it. Add these to your ‘must attend’ list, and have a fantastic VMworld!

Oh, and don’t forget to follow @vCenterOps for the latest on vCenter Operations.

Thanks for reading!

Himanshu (@himanshuks)


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