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Managing IT in the Cloud Era – VMware way

As IT organizations embrace Cloud computing to deliver IT as a service, they must adopt a new management approach—one that is as agile, proactive, flexible and dynamic similar to their new IT infrastructure. In the previous posts, I reviewed the trends about this new IT model, as well as pointed out why the traditional management tools cannot do cloud management. Today let me provide you pointers to how VMware is rethinking its approach to IT management:

1. First, I recommend you check out VMware’s  Virtualization and Cloud Management solution page – it describes how VMware’s automated, intelligent, converged approach to IT management will help you run IT like a business. While on that page, don’t forget to check out at the Management Mastery link on the right side. 

2. Next, I recommend you check out VMworld 2011 super session “SUP1018: Managing Virtual and Cloud IT Environments – A Roadmap to Well-managed ITaaS” where Ramin Sayer, VP Products, Cloud and Virtualization Management discusses strategic roadmap and direction for VMware’s management offerings (better watch at the VMworld site, else here’re the slides and audio)

Before you dismiss this as another vendor pitch, let me note that industry experts have already recognized VMware’s new management approach with Best of Interop 2011 award.

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