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Announcing the Winners of Our Load Balancing “First Experience” Contest

We have always known that Avi is an easy load balancer to install, configure, and operate, but is that just our familiarity speaking? With the launch of the new vExpert – Avi subprogram, we put that ease-of-use premise to test. Our vExperts came from different backgrounds and were not very familiar with Avi, but they took on the challenge to do some self-directed learning of Avi and chronicle their “first experience” with the product. The contest involved installing and using the Avi Platform and sharing the details of their experience in a write-up or a short video. We had over twenty vExperts in the Avi subprogram and we picked the winners based on a review of the content received by a panel of Avi systems engineers.  We also had prizes for the winners!

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And our winners are…….

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1st Prize: Patrick Kremer:

Our first prize winner stayed true to his roots as a VMware cloud solutions architect and chose the VMware Cloud on AWS environment as his Avi experience environment. He has documented his first Avi experience in amazing detail, in a series of posts that explain the Day-0 through Day-2 experience with Avi. Check out Patrick’s posts below for the step-by-step experience that Patrick had with the platform.

Part 1: Installation with easy deploy

Part 2: Examining the easy deploy resources

Part 3: Active http monitor

Part 4: Health check maintenance mode

Part 5: Application VIP assignments

2nd Prize: Trevor Spires:

Trevor is a recent addition to the Avi team, but also one of the fastest to get up to speed on all things Avi and modern load balancing. He never passes up an opportunity to highlight an “Avi’ism” through his LinkedIn posts and YouTube short videos. In his first experience video below, Trevor highlights why Avi is such a powerful platform for automating and delivering applications in any environment.

Why Avi is Good – My first experience with Avi (and why I like it)

3rd Prize: Jeevan Jose:

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” says Jeevan Jose as he waxes eloquent quoting Leonardo Da Vinci in his first experience post. Aside from being an awesome solutions architect, it turns out Jeevan can write really well – a powerful combination. Jeevan covers the bases for all things to look for in a modern load balancing solution covering Avi’s features including application delivery, application security, multi-cloud capabilities, operations, and DevOps-friendly capabilities. Jeevan shared his first experience on LinkedIn to make sure that his friends didn’t miss it. Check out his awesome write up below.

Avi First Experience –

Congratulations to our winners, and a sincere thanks to all the participants and their entries. Our vExperts validated our premise that Avi is indeed one of the easiest load balancers to spin up and operate. It is no wonder that Avi has replaced over 12,000 legacy hardware ADCs.


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