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Exciting Updates to the VMware Certification Program 

The VMware Certification Program is proud to announce exciting changes to make it more accessible, flexible, and valuable for all participants. Our mission is to empower individuals to validate their skills and knowledge while ensuring that our customers have access to a highly qualified workforce. We remain dedicated to providing a comprehensive and rigorous certification program.

These updates, launching on May 6, 2024, will streamline the program and offer key benefits:

Increased Flexibility for Learners

  • Certification by Exam Only: Beginning May 6, 2024, completing a training course or other prerequisite certification will no longer be a prerequisite for students seeking certification. This allows you greater flexibility to demonstrate your skills and knowledge on your own terms. It is important to note that certification upgrades will continue to be offered through official courses.
  • Standardize Exam Fees: All VCTA, VCP, and VCAP exams will now be charged a flat fee of USD $250.00. The new fee structure will take effect on May 6, 2024, and will apply to all new registrations, renewals, and retakes. There will be no changes to the exam content.

Updated Recognition for Certified Professionals

  • New Certification Version Badges: New versions of current certification badges will differentiate between individuals who obtained certification through a course and/or other prerequisite certification and exam program and those who achieved certification solely through an exam. This provides employers with valuable insights into a candidate’s learning path and commitment to continuous improvement. 
  • Certification Manager 2.0: A new and improved version of the Certification Manager Portal will offer a streamlined user experience for managing certifications, accessing resources, and tracking career development.

Please note: the above changes do not apply to the End-User Computing (EUC) portfolio.

Benefits for IT Professionals

Whether you are an IT professional seeking career advancement or an organization looking for highly skilled VMware talent, these changes offer significant advantages:

  • Increased Accessibility: The certification program is now more accessible than ever, allowing you to pursue your goals on your own terms.
  • Focus on Skills and Knowledge: The emphasis on exam-based certification ensures your expertise is the primary focus. 
  • Clearer Career Path: The new certification logos provide valuable information to potential employers, highlighting your dedication and commitment.
  • Improved Learning Experience: The enhanced Certification Management Portal will empower you to manage your learning journey more easily. 

Stay Ahead of the Curve

The VMware Certification program is an asset for anyone looking to validate their skills and knowledge in the ever-evolving networking landscape. The upcoming updates will make the program even more accessible, positioning you for success across the entire VMware cloud technology stack. 

Cloud-Related Certifications Advantages

  • Validation of skills: Cloud certifications provide employers with tangible proof that employees possess the skills and knowledge necessary to utilize cloud services, infrastructure, and architecture.
  • Enhanced credibility: Professionals with certification inspire confidence among employees and clients, ensuring they can efficiently and effectively manage complex cloud-related tasks.
  • Career advancement: Obtaining relevant certifications can boost your job prospects, promote you, and increase your salary. Many organizations prioritize certified professionals when recruiting or considering candidates for project roles.
  • Increasing relevance: Maintaining an up-to-date knowledge of industry best practices and emerging technologies is important for certification. In our ever-evolving technology landscape, continuous learning fosters professional development and adaptability.

Get Certified. Get Ahead.

It is time to pursue your dream job. Take advantage of it by obtaining a certification.

Once you’re ready to embark on your advanced certification journey, VMware Learning is there to give you the study resources, community support, and outstanding course material you need to succeed not only on your exam but also in your technology career now and in the future.

Visit the VMware Certification homepage to learn how to get started today!