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Black Friday Discount: New Beta Exam and Chance to Receive Half Off a Future VCP Exam

VMware Certification is thrilled to announce its newest Beta exam offering: the VMware Cloud Infrastructure Administrator (6V1-11.23) Beta exam! This is your chance to gain a competitive edge and demonstrate your ability to install, configure, and maintain private and hybrid VMware Cloud infrastructure solutions before this certification is launched to the general public!

The Beta exam directly ties to the upcoming certification VMware Certified – Cloud Infrastructure Administrator certification set to launch in Q1 of 2024. By passing this new Beta exam, you will show employers you have the core competencies necessary for deploying and managing VMware-based private cloud environments and one or more VMware-based hyperscaler cloud solutions. This exam also validates your knowledge and skills in key areas such as storage, networking, security, business continuity, and disaster recovery, as well as monitoring and troubleshooting. Read on for our special, limited-time pre-Black Friday offer below!

What is this new Beta exam?

This VMware Cloud Infrastructure Administrator Beta exam assesses both candidates’ knowledge and expertise in VMware Cloud Infrastructure and their role-based knowledge needed to excel as a cloud administrator. Candidates are also evaluated on their problem-solving skills and ability to apply best practices in real-world scenarios.

In today’s rapidly evolving cloud landscape, passing this exam allows individuals to demonstrate their expertise in VMware Cloud infrastructure. Professionals who possess these skills are highly valued by employers since they help them navigate the complexity of cloud environments and implement effective solutions. 

Throughout the VMware Cloud Infrastructure Administrator Beta exam, candidates demonstrate their understanding of complex concepts in a VMware Cloud infrastructure environment. This ensures that individuals possess the necessary role-based and solution-based skills to excel in their roles and drive innovation within their organizations. Passing this exam will enable professionals to demonstrate their skills and knowledge to potential employers, positioning themselves for success in today’s cloud-based economy.

Why take advantage of this offering?

To drive innovation in today’s digital era, organizations need skilled individuals who can utilize cloud computing effectively. The VMware Certified: Cloud Infrastructure Administrator certification validates the knowledge necessary to navigate the complexities of cloud service providers and optimize your cloud storage processes. If you are looking for a certification that validates knowledge of the latest VMware Cloud infrastructure solutions with VMware Disaster Recovery, vSphere, vSAN, NSX, HCX, as well as deployment, management, and configuration of multi-cloud solutions, this is for you!

As a result of receiving this certification, it allows you to position yourself as an asset in today’s digital landscape by understanding the complexities of cloud environments. Certify as a VMware Cloud Infrastructure Administrator today and unlock the power of any cloud!

Limited time offering

There has never been a better time to certify key skills needed today. In celebration of Black Friday, we are offering a limited-time, deep discount on the new VMware Cloud Infrastructure Administrator Beta exam. Purchase and complete the Beta exam for $50.00 and get 50% off a future VCP-level exam voucher! (Please see below for further details.)

This exam is designed for individuals experienced as a vSphere administrator with virtualization. It is also for cloud administrators with one year’s experience looking to expand their cloud skills.

What are the steps needed to take advantage of this promotion?

Successfully complete the 6V1-11.23 Beta exam by December 31, 2023, and fill out a brief post-exam feedback survey to receive an additional 50% off a future VCP exam (a savings of $325.00)! We are currently offering this promotion worldwide. Start 2024 off right by taking advantage of this promotion NOW!

Recommended steps:

  1. (Recommended) Gain experience with VMware Cloud infrastructure solutions. To learn our training recommendations, please visit the VMware Certified – Cloud Infrastructure Administrator certification webpage.
  2. Review the Exam Guide here.
  3. Register for your exam here.
  4. Sit and take the new VMware Cloud Infrastructure Administrator (6V1-11.23) Beta exam here.

Exam details

The exam consists of 98 scenario-based multiple-choice questions. Candidates have 165 minutes to complete the exam, which includes adequate time to complete the exam for non-native English speakers. Please be aware that because this is a Beta exam, you won’t get a pass or fail result until the beta phase ends and we’ve analyzed the results. The length of the beta phase varies, and it depends on how many times the exam has been taken. You’ll receive your score report once it transitions to a production exam.

Start today!

Regardless of where companies are on their cloud journey, our cloud training programs are tailored to meet the needs of IT professionals, IT leaders, and companies. For more information, please visit the VMware Certified – Cloud Infrastructure Administrator web page here. For a link to frequently asked questions about VMware certification, click here.