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VMware Hands-on Labs 2013 – Content Strategy

Hands-on Labs Friends,

We want to share our content strategy with you because this will help you understand where we are going and what you should expect.

Our Mission Statement: Labs for every user in the Universe

We have been delivering labs for many years at VMworld and recently shifted the model to online 24x7x365. This was not easy. We have had plenty of bumps along the road and have been lucky to have the support of users like you.

Bringing the Hands-on Labs Online portal into reality has always been about making our community better by providing rich content to our users with very little friction. With our newly minted capacity, every user in the universe can now access VMware labs and explore our products anytime and anywhere.

What does Certified Genuine mean?

This began as a funny thing we used to ask each other around here. What does this really mean to anyone? We have put this on our desktops and just about every sticker and poster we create. It is really about content that has been created by product experts, who go through the same hands-on experiences that you do using our products every day.

We have an army of volunteers creating this content for you to enjoy and explore our products. When you see the “Certified Genuine” seal, you know that the lab has been tested and documented for you to use.

A lab with every major product release

Because our platform is always on, we will release new labs with every major product release. The idea here is that our labs will be part of our release process and users will be able to read about new features and products as well as have a lab they can actually explore, hands-on. We have recently announced new labs that we will be releasing to VMworld 2013 attendees this year. Be sure to check out the new Content Catalog by clicking on the link below and then on the “Labs” tab:

The number one question we will get asked at VMworld 2013 …

Yes we plan on releasing the labs right after VMworld so the rest of our community can explore the new features and products coming. Exact dates have not been determined yet as our focus is to ensure VMworld goes off without a hitch. Please stay tuned for more updates on this topic.

IMPORTANT – End of Life – Archive Labs

We understand that users have planned around our existing labs and we will continue to host them. We are at a point where we need to begin communicating our intentions to remove older content so that we can continue to provide our users the latest content. Starting August 2013 we will start moving our 2012 labs into an “archive” folder where labs will be removed after 30 – 90 days.

Which 2012 labs will be moving to the “archive” folder?

The labs with the following SKU’s prefixes will be entering the “archive” folder as the new labs start to roll out.


Please be sure to read the description in the lab itself to understand when it will be removed from our infrastructure.

Thank You!

We would like to thank you, our users for your continued support! Be sure to stop by and say, “Hello” at VMworld or any of our other Hands-on Labs events this year.

Enjoy your labs!

The VMware Hands-on Labs in the Land Down Under

Greetings from the Australia Technology Park in Sydney Australia! The Hands-on Labs have gone “Down Under” this week for VMware Partner Exchange.

The Technology Park here in Sydney is an awesome venue that has been constructed within the locomotive shops that have occupied the site since the 19th century. The juxtaposition of a 100-year-old steam boiler with the latest tech start-ups really is inspiring. They have preserved the history of the site while supporting the innovators of the future.

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The VMware Hands-on Labs Online Public Beta is now open!

Today, during the keynote at the Portland VMUG conference, we shared the exciting news that the HOL Online Public Beta is now open. If you registered with our interest list at you will receive your login credentials over the coming weeks. We are adding people slowly at first to ensure a smooth and functional launch.

Once you receive your invitation, we ask that you login, explore the catalog and provide feedback. Specifically, please comment on the user interface, lab manual content and overall experience of taking Hands-on Labs from the comfort of your own home or office.

Looking forward to a successful public beta!

Sincerely, The VMware Hands-on Labs Team

VMware HOL Online – Public Beta Registration is now Open!

To all fans of the VMware Hands-on Labs-

At VMworld 2012 we announced that the Hands-on Labs experience will soon be available online. Today we are taking the first step toward making this a reality. I am excited to let you know that registration is now open and you may add your name to the interest list here:

VMware Hands-on Labs – Public Beta Interest List

This interest list will help us to anticipate demand for the new HOL Online portal so that we can provide you with a consistent, high quality user experience. When the public beta opens, we will begin to add users from the interest list. We are counting on you to take lots of labs, exercise the portal interface and provide quality feedback.

After registering on the interest list, be sure to participate in the HOL Communities site at and follow us on twitter @VMwareHOL.

Looking forward to labs in the cloud!

Andrew Hald