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VMware HOL Online – Public Beta Registration is now Open!

To all fans of the VMware Hands-on Labs-

At VMworld 2012 we announced that the Hands-on Labs experience will soon be available online. Today we are taking the first step toward making this a reality. I am excited to let you know that registration is now open and you may add your name to the interest list here:

VMware Hands-on Labs – Public Beta Interest List

This interest list will help us to anticipate demand for the new HOL Online portal so that we can provide you with a consistent, high quality user experience. When the public beta opens, we will begin to add users from the interest list. We are counting on you to take lots of labs, exercise the portal interface and provide quality feedback.

After registering on the interest list, be sure to participate in the HOL Communities site at http://www.vmware.com/go/hol and follow us on twitter @VMwareHOL.

Looking forward to labs in the cloud!

Andrew Hald

9 thoughts on “VMware HOL Online – Public Beta Registration is now Open!

  1. Beau Beshore


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  3. Tejas Kshirsagar

    Keeping an eye.

  4. Kshitij Shah

    The Survey/Registration link is not working !

    1. Andrew Hald Post author

      @Kshitij Shah

      The interest list appears to be up at the moment, could you please describe the error that you are seeing? Thank you.

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  6. Paul

    this is like asking a kid if they want candy ! Um yes?

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