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New NSX 3.2 Security Lab on TestDrive

VMware Hands-on Labs team sharing for Tuan Nguyen and Roberto Mari. 

We’re thrilled to announce the new NSX 3.2 Security on TestDrive now available as an innovative and easy way for VMware customers and partners to test and to experience our latest NSX 3.2 security capabilities. 

In this lab, you’ll get hands-on self-guided experience with NSX Advanced Threat Protection features such as Malware Protection, Network Detection and Response, Intrusion Detection and Protection Service, micro-segmentation, and more. NSX Advanced Threat Protection is a suite of analysis tools designed to defend against advanced threats that use known and unknown attack vectors. ATP augments more common security solutions aimed at repelling known intrusion strategies. 

Try NSX-T 3.2 on TestDrive by signing up HERE

For a walk through on signing up to NSX ATP on TestDrive click HERE

To read the full blog written by Tuan Nguyen and Roberto Mari Click Here

Released TODAY!!! New Hands-on Labs NSX Security

Launch VMware Hands-on Labs NSX 3.2 to learn and experience the benefits of NSX.

This NSX Security lab will allow you to explore the latest security features in VMware NSX 3.2. In this lab you will gain hands-on experience of the many security features VMware NSX has to offer. You will have an in depth experience on the distributed firewall (DFW) to include security grouping, Layer 7 rules, time based rules and Active Directory identity-based firewall rules. You will dive into the features of NSX IDPS and functionality with a real-world attack scenario. You will also have the opportunity to walk through the newly released Advanced Threat Protection feature (ATP).

Distributed Firewall

Distributed Intrusion Detection/Protection (IDPS)

URL Analysis and FQDN Filtering

Advanced Threat Protection

NSX Intelligence-NTA

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