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How to use VMware Odyssey for your next Game Night Event

Following our recent VMware Odyssey “Hackathon” at Electronic Arts, we decided to share some guidance and best practices to have some friendly competition at your next team meeting.

Prep Work:

In order to host a successful VMware Odyssey Competition, make sure you have the following:

  • All participants have a modern laptop / browser with a 13” minimum screen
  • 350 – 500 Kbps modern Wi-Fi / Networking to run Hands-on Labs
  • Snacks, especially if it’s an afternoon event, Pizza and Beer have no enemies
  • Large monitor to display the VMware Odyssey leaderboard
    • We can even give you a custom Game Code, so you will be able to have a unique leaderboard just for your event!
  • VMware Odyssey swag or prizes to award to the winning team!

Getting Started:

Now, once you have the prep work down, lets form teams and design the game format based on the amount of time you have allotted.

Team Formation:

Start by having all individuals form teams and create their team names. Help them along the way and try to keep each team small (we recommend no more than 6 participants per team). Once all teams have been finalized, write the team names and members down on the whiteboard. We noticed this can take a while, but it’s on our roadmap to automate.

Game Format:

Most Odyssey games run for 30 minutes, so we’d recommend you set aside 1 hour per game. Here’s an estimated timeline of events:

  • First 15 minutes: introduce VMware Odyssey, create user accounts, and make sure all players are ready. *If you have a special Game Code, make sure people use that instead of the one within the lab manual.*
  • Next 30 minutes: Game Time – Choose one Odyssey lab at a time, and let the games begin. We’d recommend starting with a Beginner level Odyssey lab to warm the players up, and then move into more Advanced topics if time permits.
  • Last 15 minutes: Once participants begin completing all the Odyssey lab tasks, they should walk around and help other players that are falling behind. VMware Odyssey is all about having fun and working together!

As the team’s race to rank first on the leaderboard, be sure to keep track of all their completion times. As all of the players on team’s progress through the tasks, continue recording the team names, players, and time it took to complete. At Electronic Arts, we wrote down the team names and scores on the whiteboard and went from there.

Once all teams have finished, add all of the scores together manually (this can also take some time). The team that was able to finish all the tasks in the least amount of time is the grand prize winner!

Pro Tips:

#1: If you have any swag (i.e. t-shirts, jackets, backpacks), award the winning team with first selection.

#2: If you find most individuals are stuck on a certain task, be sure to encourage them to use other resources (i.e. Google) to help solve the answer.

#3: If you don’t want your last name on the leaderboard, you can edit it out on our VMware Learning Platform Profile (lab portal) and refresh your browser. See image below:

All in all, the whole goal of Odyssey is to have fun while sharpening your skills.  Have fun!

Email hol-feedback – at – vmware.com to receive a unique Game Code for a customer leaderboard!