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Discover the Value of Getting Started with vRealize Automation

Written by Gavin Lees

I work at VMware as a Lead Solution Engineer. This year, I volunteered to join the VMware Hands-on Labs program to develop the Discover the Value of Getting Started with vRealize Automation lab. Getting Started with vRealize Automation was a topic I was very familiar with, having worked with several customers guiding them through successful implementation to deploying and managing thousands of workloads. Owning the development of the Getting Started with vRealize Automation lab gave me an opportunity to make it easier for anyone to learn and experience the value of the solution via exercises in a live environment.  
VMware Hands-on Labs provides everyone with free access to VMware products and services to explore and learn. No installation required. You only need your Chrome or Firefox browser, a reliable internet connection, and, hopefully, not too many distractions.  

You can access the lab NOW, free of charge by visiting Discover the Value of Getting Started with vRealize Automation or use the Hands-on Labs Catalog to try out other labs you may be interested in.  

Lab Overview  
Use VMware vRealize Automation to govern, build, manage and share the release of your application infrastructure rapidly and reliably. Create and manage Cloud Templates in Cloud Assembly and then add more automation and integration including public cloud capabilities. Publish Cloud Templates and other capabilities, developed in Cloud Assembly, to your customers using Service Broker. Through Code Stream, you will expose a new set of tools to enable integration of infrastructure, with an application development pipeline. 

Module # Module Title Duration 
1vRealize Automation Self Service Portal Beginner 
2Configuring Infrastructure in vRealize Automation Beginner 
3Creating and working with Cloud templates Beginner 
4Multi Cloud and Public Cloud templates Beginner 
5Extensibility Using vRealize Orchestrator and ABX Beginner 
6Policy-Based Lifecycle Management and Governance Beginner 
7Introduction vRealize Automation SaltStack Config Beginner 
8Introducing vRealize Code Stream – DevOps Solutions Beginner 

Inside the Lab  

In all VMware Hands-on Labs, a lab manual is provided.  The lab manual walks the user through various use cases, highlighting the values of a given VMware product offering. For more information about the specific topics covered, feel free to review the text of the manual HERE.  

Check out the links below for more about vRealize Automation:  
1. HOL-2201-10-CMP – Advanced Topics in vRealize Automation   
2. HOL-2201-12-CMP – Administering vRealize Automation  
3. VMware Hands-on Labs catalog   

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