Into the Future with VMware Odyssey @VMworld 2019 – Gamification of Hands-on Labs

Have you ever wished there was a fun and quick way to learn about a VMware product and its features? If your answer is yes, we are happy to introduce VMware Odyssey a new approach to evaluating VMware products.

How? We have added gamification elements to the labs you know and love. VMware Odyssey are short 15-minute tasks that challenge your knowledge and expertise across the VMware portfolio.

How did it all get started?

It is in VMware’s DNA to push the boundaries, we launched an in-person competition during vForum Singapore 2018. The results were amazing! We had a total of 52 customers and partners, forming 18 teams of 2-3 people competition against each other. Within the teams, there was a great amount of teamwork as participants worked together to complete the required given tasks.  There were a lot of interactions with the audience as they cheered for their favorite teams and friends. Click here to read more

How has it evolved?

The Hands-on Labs team has been working tirelessly to grow and scale the program in-person and online. For the vForum Singapore event all the validation was done manually; participants completed tasks and lab staff checked to make sure they were done correctly. This did not give us much room to scale, so over the past 6 months, we have been developing a fully automated game engine that will automatically check that a task was completed correctly.

Odyssey is created using VMware’s Hands-on Labs environment with customized manuals created specifically to test your technical knowledge and expertise of VMware products. Once you complete a task you get instant feedback on your progress. You can form a team and go head to head against the clock to reach the highest ranking on the leaderboard.

Watch Video to Learn More

What’s next…?

We are happy to announce we are bringing the fun and excitement to VMworld 2019! Come and join the fun in San Francisco August 25-29 and Barcelona November 4-7, register at www.vmworld.com!

Stay tuned for our next blog with details about our upcoming in-person events. Please leave your comments and feedback to learn more.