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New 2017 VMware Hands-on Labs Released!

Today we are releasing labs from the VMware Hands-on Labs 2017 Catalog.  These labs were first released at VMworld US in Las Vegas and are now available to you!


While we won’t be releasing all the labs in the catalog just yet, we did need to release some of them for upcoming events, like SociaLabs.  If you haven’t heard of or attended a SociaLab, you are missing out on a great opportunity to connect with experts outside of the Hands-on Labs at VMworld.  Visit the SociaLab page to find event near you!

The remaining labs will be released after VMworld Europe in Barcelona.  As a reminder, when we add a new 2017 lab, the corresponding 2016 lab will retired to the HOL Archives catalog, where it will eventually be decommissioned on December 1st, 2016.


You can review my previous post to see which lab(s) will be retired when a new a lab is made available, where to find the older lab and what to watch out for.

Without further delay, here are the new labs available for you!  You can click on the lab SKU link to be taken directly to the lab entry and start taking the lab.  Also, you can download any of the lab manuals from the Hands-on Labs Document site!

Lab SKU Description Archived 2016 Lab
HOL-1701-USE-1 Introduction to the vSphere Optimization Assessment HOL-SDC-1601
HOL-1701-USE-2 vRealize Operations and vRealize Business: Optimize Compute Utilization HOL-SDC-1601 HOL-SDC-1611
HOL-1701-USE-3 vRealize Operations and vRealize Log Insight: Ensure Performance and Availability HOL-SDC-1601
HOL-1701-USE-4 vRealize Operations with Management Packs: Monitor Heterogeneous Data Centers & Hybrid Clouds HOL-SDC-1601
HOL-1701-CHG-5 vRealize Operations Application Monitoring: Challenge Lab N/A
HOL-1703-SDC-1 VMware NSX: Introduction and Feature Tour HOL-SDC-1603
HOL-1703-USE-2 VMware NSX: Distributed Firewall with Micro-Segmentation HOL-SDC-1603
HOL-1703-USE-3 VMware NSX: Operations and Visibility HOL-SDC-1603
HOL-1706-SDC-1 Cloud Management Platform: Integrate vRealize and NSX HOL-SDC-1606
HOL-1706-SDC-3 Secure Your Software Defined Data Center N/A
HOL-1706-USE-4 vRealize Operations: Advanced Use Cases N/A
HOL-1706-SDC-5 VMware Cloud Foundation Fundamentals N/A
HOL-1706-SDC-6 Guide to SDDC: VMware Validated Designs HOL-SDC-1613
HOL-1706-USE-7 SAP on VMware SDDC: Design and Management Overview N/A
HOL-1708-SDC-1 Virtual SAN 6.2 from A to Z HOL-SDC-1608
HOL-1708-SDC-2 Virtual Volumes and Storage Policy Based Management HOL-SDC-1627
HOL-1708-CHG-3 Virtual SAN 6.2: Challenge Lab N/A
HOL-1710-SDC-1 Virtualization 101: vSphere with Operations Management HOL-SDC-1610
HOL-1710-USE-2 vSphere with Operations Management: Use Cases HOL-SDC-1610
HOL-1710-SDC-3 vSphere with Operations Management: Product Deep Dive HOL-SDC-1602
HOL-1710-USE-4 vSphere with Operations Management: Advanced Use Cases HOL-SDC-1602
HOL-1710-SDC-5 Automate and Develop vSphere easier with a Technical Preview of vSphere Automation API and SDKs HOL-SDC-1622
HOL-1723-SDC-1 Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform with VMware NSX HOL-PRT-1672
HOL-1725-SDC-1 VMware NSX Advanced Consumption HOL-SDC-1625
HOL-1725-USE-2 VMware NSX Multi-Site DR with SRM N/A
HOL-1729-SDC-1 Introduction to vRealize Network Insight N/A
HOL-1751-MBL-1 Introduction to Horizon 7: Virtual Desktop and Apps HOL-MBL-1651
HOL-1751-MBL-2 Horizon 7: Application Delivery HOL-MBL-1651
HOL-1751-MBL-3 Horizon 7 Suite: Extend Your Value HOL-MBL-1651
HOL-1751-MBL-4 Horizon 7: Architecture and Performance HOL-MBL-1651
HOL-1751-MBL-5 Horizon 7: End to End Security HOL-MBL-1651
HOL-1751-MBL-6 Horizon 7 Advanced Concepts HOL-MBL-1652
HOL-1755-MBL-1 Horizon FLEX from A to Z HOL-MBL-1655
HOL-1756-MBL-1 Horizon Air from A to Z HOL-MBL-1656
HOL-1757-MBL-1 Introduction to VMware AirWatch HOL-MBL-1657
HOL-1757-MBL-2 Advanced VMware AirWatch HOL-MBL-1658
HOL-1757-MBL-3 VMware AirWatch: Workspace ONE, Single Sign-on and VMware Identity Manager N/A
HOL-1757-MBL-4 VMware AirWatch: Email Integration with Boxer N/A
HOL-1757-MBL-5 VMware AirWatch: Mobile App Management and App Development N/A
HOL-1757-MBL-6 VMware AirWatch Technology Partner Integration N/A
HOL-1782-HBD-1 VMware vCloud Air – Data Center Extension HOL-HBD-1682