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Take a Lab in your own language: New Localized Lab Manuals Available

We are delighted to announce the first set of lab manuals translated to serve our Hands-on Labs global audience. Click here for instructions on how to change your language in the Hands-on Labs portal.



You may have noticed the new badges next to the lab entries in the Hands-on Labs portal.  These indicate what language the lab manual is available in.  From the picture above, these represent English, Latin American Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese and Simplified Chinese, respectively.  In the Hands-on Lab portal, you can also click on of these badges to see all the labs that are available in that language.

By clicking on one of these language badges, you can bring up a listing of all the labs available in the selected language?


In this case, we have selected the ‘ja’ badge for Japanese language labs.  A new window will pop up showing you all the labs available in the selected language.


If you would like more details on a lab, you can click the lab title link and be brought to the full lab description and enroll in the lab if you wish.  Because a lab could be listed in multiple catalogs, you may see it listed more than once, like in the example above.  It is OK to click either link to take the lab, they are both the same.

We have also made available PDF and HTML versions of the manuals.  You can use the table below to download or view them.  You can also click the Lab SKU & Name in the table to be taken directly to the lab.

 LAB SKU & NAME Japanese Korean Brazilian
HOL-CHG-1965 – vSphere 6 Challenge Lab PDF / HTML PDF / HTML
HOL-HBD-1681 – VMware vCloud Air – Jump Start for vSphere Admins PDF / HTML
HOL-HBD-1684 – VMware vCloud Air – Disaster Recovery PDF / HTML
HOL-HBD-1686 – VMware vCloud Air – Data Services PDF / HTML
HOL-MBL-1651 – Advanced Technical Concepts of Horizon 6 PDF / HTML PDF / HTML
HOL-MBL-1652 – Delivery and Management of the Transforming Desktop PDF / HTML PDF / HTML
HOL-MBL-1656 – Horizon Air – Explore and Manage PDF / HTML
HOL-MBL-1657 – AirWatch – Introduction to Basic MDM and Console Customization PDF / HTML PDF / HTML
HOL-SDC-1607 – HOL-SDC-1607 From Beginner to Advanced Features with PowerCLI PDF / HTML PDF / HTML
HOL-SDC-1608 – What’s New with Virtual SAN 6.2 PDF / HTML PDF / HTML
HOL-SDC-1610 – Virtualization 101: vSphere with Operations Management 6 PDF / HTML PDF / HTML PDF / HTML
HOL-SDC-1621 – vRealize Automation 101: Application and Infrastructure Delivery PDF / HTML
HOL-SDC-1628 – Introduction to EVO:RAIL PDF / HTML
HOL-SDC-1635 – vRealize Log Insight PDF / HTML PDF / HTML

Check back for future updates as we localize more labs for you!