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New Hands-on Labs – Variety Pack Released!

Today we have broad selection of labs and topics for you!  These labs span the Hybrid Cloud, Mobility and Software Defined Datacenter catalogs.

From the Hybrid Cloud catalog, we have a great lab that gives an inside look at how we deliver the labs to you.  Also, we are showcasing the newly announced VMware vCloud Air Data Services.

New labs in the Mobility catalog include one covering how to host applications with Horizon, App Volumes and ThinApp.  The other offers an advanced look at AirWatch and MDM.

It’s a big day for the Software Defined Datacenter catalog with 5 labs being released!  These labs range from an introduction to the vCloud Suite all the way to developer tools.  Big Data (Hadoop) and how NSX integrates with the vRealize Suite are also represented.  The last lab is an overview of IT Outcomes.  IT Outcomes are key enterprise-scale initiatives, showing how our solutions can deliver greater business results without compromising security, control or choice.  This lab offers an introduction to those solutions to whet your appetite and points out what other Hands-on Lab content is available if you’d like to dig deeper into the technology that facilitates the solution.

HOL-HBD-1685 Insider Look at the Technology for How VMware Delivers Hands-On Labs
HOL-HBD-1686 VMware vCloud® Air™ Data Services
HOL-MBL-1654 Application Delivery and Lifecycle
HOL-MBL-1658 AirWatch – Advanced MDM, Content and Horizon Integration
HOL-SDC-1606 Cloud 101 – Deliver your Infrastructure as a Service
HOL-SDC-1609 Big Data and vSphere
HOL-SDC-1613 IT Outcomes Overview
HOL-SDC-1622 VMware Development Tools and SDKs
HOL-SDC-1624 VMware NSX and the vRealize Suite

Stay tuned as we deliver more labs in the coming days!