These New Labs are So Hot, They’ll Melt Stuff!

When you see the group of labs we have for you today, you will vRealize you’re in heaven, My Blue Heaven!  Three of the labs have been updated to the latest release of the vRealize Suite of products.  The Big Data Extensions and VMware Development Tools and SDKs labs have been updated to include new content.

MyBlueHeaven-Still3HOL-SDC-1406 – vCloud Suite 101 – Perfect for anyone wanting an introduction to the vCloud Suite, this lab has been updated to include the latest vRealize Operations and Automation releases.

HOL-SDC-1409 – vSphere Big Data Extensions – Interested in learning more about Big Data and how vSphere can deploy highly available Hadoop clusters in minutes?  See all of that and more in this lab.

HOL-SDC-1421 – Brokering IT Services and Applications with vCloud Automation Center – This is another lab that has been a crowd pleaser and has been updated to include the latest versions of vRealize Automation, ApSync, vRealize Business, and NSX.  Once you’ve gotten the basics of vRealize Automation down with HOL-SDC-1406, this is the perfect lab to gain more in-depth knowledge on vRealize Automation. #module8!

HOL-SDC-1422 – VMware Development Tools and SDKs – This is an introductory lab that will get you up and running building cloud infrastructure solutions with VMware’s development tools and SDKs.  The developer tools and libraries in this lab have been updated to the latest version.

HOL-SDC-1426 – Log Insight in the Real World! –  In this lab you will see how Log Insight can be used to troubleshoot common issues.  It has been updated to the latest release of vRealize Operations and vRealize Insight.

Happy Friday the 13th everyone and be sure to check in next week for the next round of releases!