These New Labs are Awesome!

Everything is awesome with the release of today’s new labs!   Like Legos, we’ve pieced together a collection of Mobility, Networking, Operations and Automation labs to make a great set.


HOL-SDC-1401 – Cloud Management with vRealize Operations – The lab has been updated to include content from all aspects of the vRealize Operations Suite including vRealize Operations, vRealize Configuration Manager, vRealize Infrastructure Navigator and the NSX Management Pack.

HOL-SDC-1402 – vSphere Distributed Switch from A to Z – With lab, you will learn the basics and advanced virtual network configuration options using the vSphere Distributed Switch.

HOL-SDC-1407 – VMware Automation Solutions – If you are interested in PowerCLI, vCenter Orchestrator or Autodeploy, you will want to review this lab.  There is some great content showing you the basics of PowerCLI and how to automate Virtual SAN, both beginners and advanced usage of vCenter Orchestrator and how to automate your vSphere Host deployments using Auto Deploy.

HOL-SDC-1423 – vCloud Suite Basic Networking – This lab highlights networking in the vCloud Suite.  After learning the networking basics in the vCloud Suite, you’ll walk through VXLAN configuration and how to use Edge Services for securing your environment.


HOL-MBL-1451 – Horizon 6 with View from A to Z – This lab includes everything you need to know about Horizon 6 with View and has modules focused on Virtual SAN, optimization, troubleshooting and working with SSL certification.

HOL-MBL-1453 – VMware Workspace Portal – Explore and Deploy – This lab gives you the opportunity to explore the Workspace Portal with modules covering ThinApp and SaaS integration, working with SSL certificates and Kerberos SSO, creating a HA cluster and upgrading from v1.8.2 to v2.1.

Stay with us as we finish up the release of the labs.   Tomorrow we will have some great Partner created content!