In-depth Guide to the Mobility Labs at VMworld Europe in Barcelona

Note: Live from VMworld Europe in Barcelona, we have a special guest blogger, Jeff Weiss an End-User Computing Staff Engineer!

Welcome to Barcelona!

While visiting the Hands-on Labs, make sure you get time to take a few of our Mobility Labs. Here is a brief summary of each lab and what you will learn when taking them.

HOL-MBL-1451 – Horizon 6 with View from A to Z
This lab will give you an in-depth guided tour of Horizon 6 with View features a focus on new technologies including the Cloud Pod Architecture, Hosted Applications, and VSAN. You will also learn how to Optimize Horizon View in your environment, learn detailed steps to Troubleshoot a View environment and how to avoid common issues.

Here is an outline of the topics that are covered in this lab:

Overview of the new features in Horizon View 6

What’s New with End User Experience

  • Support for RDS based applications and desktops
  • Enhanced client choices for RDS based applications and desktops (Android, Windows, iOS, MAC)
  • Blast Performance to enable consistently great experiences across devices, locations, media, and connections

Support for New Delivery Models

  • Improved offline desktop experience with Fusion Pro and Mirage
  • Aggregate virtual desktop deployments in multiple datacenters with Cloud Pod Architecture
  • Support extensions (Persona + other features) for Windows Server 2008 for virtual desktops

What’s New with Ease of Management

  • Self Service Provisioning of desktops with vCloud Automation Center (vCAC)
  • Streamlined, simple and optimal use of Virtual SAN through Horizon
  • Simple, secure single platform for managing desktops and applications
  • Logging enhancements (Syslog Integration) reduce mean time to identify and troubleshoot issues.

What’s New with Total Cost of Ownership

  • Substantial storage cost savings with Virtual SAN integration
  • RDS Published applications and desktops from a single platform reduce TCO for use cases which do not need a full desktop

view 6

HOL-MBL-1452 – Horizon View – Use Cases
With this lab you will be exposed to the use cases of Mobile Secure Desktop, Call Center Desktop and Branch Office Desktop. The lab walks you through the steps required to provide a secure workspace for full-time staff and part-time contractors. You will also learn how to enable access to corporate resources through multiple devices and operating systems and to provide access internally, to remote offices and even home offices. VMware vCloud Network and Security is used to prevent unauthorized access between user desktops and against application corruptions. Additionally you will learn about advanced topics such as Mirage-Controlled View Desktops, Application Remoting, and along with a tour of vCOPS for Horizon, a tool for monitoring the health of your Horizon environment.

HOL-MBL-1453 – VMware Workspace Portal – Explore and Deploy
This Lab is designed to give a brief overview of the product functionalities in the VMware Workspace Portal. The Workspace Portal provides for the entitlement, access policy and single sign-on capability for all but native mobile applications. From laptops and desktops, it is truly a one-stop show for any app or service. When that same user is using their tablet or smartphone, now, there is no need to “go” to Workspace Portal as AirWatch can deliver the Workspace Portal entitled apps directly through to the “springboard” (what Apple iOS calls their “home screen”) or container on the device. Modules 1-5 are easy to use and follow while Modules 6-9 are for the more advanced users.

This latest release of Workspace Portal delivers a new Single Virtual Appliance Architecture that simplifies deployment. A simple guided install takes less than 30 minutes and additional VA’s can be easily scaled out as necessary to meet the requirements for even the most complex deployments. Further, the new dashboard delivers powerful information to administrators. In just a glance, admins can get a sense of system health, usage trends and errors and then gather deep dive audit information for user activity and utilization for regulatory auditing or simply improving service levels

  • VMware Workspace Portal is delivered as a single Virtual Appliance (VA)
  • Users and resource analytics and system health dashboards are available from the Workspace Admin Console
  • DaaS desktops and applications are now integrated and appear in the Workspace Portal – This DaaS can also be delivered in-house or from a Desktop Cloud Provider
  • End users can group applications in their Workspace Web application portal by
    • Marking apps as favorites
    • Filtering apps by category
  • End users can reset View desktops from their Workspace Web app portal
  • End users can use single-sign on (SSO) from their Workspace Web app portal to sign in to AirWatch Web Secure Content Locker and to enroll their devices (AirWatch MDM)
    • The AirWatch Secure Content Locker SAML app is pre-configured in the Workspace cloud application catalog
  • Workspace appliance performance improvements
    • Faster user entitlement calculations
    • Perform bulk uploads of users and groups easier from Active Directory during initial Workspace configuration
  • Support for more flexible Active Directory configurations
    • Single AD domain
    • Multi-domain, single forest
    • Multi-forest with trust relationship
    • Multi-forest with no trust relationship


HOL-MBL-1454 – Applied ThinApp with the Horizon Suite
VMware ThinApp is a packaging format using application virtualization to simplify application deployment, management and support of Windows based applications. It then accelerates and simplifies application deployment and migration. VMware ThinApp is included in VMware products such as Horizon 6 with View, VMware Mirage and VMware Workspace Portal.

In this lab you will learn what’s new in ThinApp, build ThinApp packages, and integrate ThinApp with Horizon Mirage, Horizon Workspace and Horizon View. You will be guided through what application virtualization is, how to package using ThinApp, a few of the main features in the latest version of ThinApp, and how to integrate ThinApp with all the Horizon products.

The modules in this lab consist of:

Module 1 – ThinApp Overview

Module 2 – ThinApp and Horizon 6 with View

Module 3 – ThinApp and VMware Mirage

Module 4 – ThinApp and Workspace Portal

Module 5 – ThinApp and BYOD

HOL-MBL-1455 – Managing Desktops with VMware Mirage
VMware Mirage enables efficient and unified image management of physical, virtual and BYO desktops using layering technology. You will capture layers and use them to address common use cases that trouble desktop administrators today.

This lab takes you through the core operations of managing desktops with Mirage, namely capturing of a base layer (aka “gold master”) and capturing an application layer. We will then employ use Mirage to address a number of common scenarios. The first use case demonstrates the use of Mirage base layers to fix a broken application or recover from a virus. The second use case takes you through either a Windows XP to Windows 7 migration, or a Windows 7 to Windows 8 migration. The third use case demonstrates how to restore a lost or stolen laptop in a quick and efficient manner. Then we will cover the new Mirage gateway appliance, and finally we’ve included a module to take you on a guided tour of the new web-based administrative console.

HOL-MBL-1456 – Horizon DaaS – Explore and Deploy
This Lab will outline what desktop as a service (DaaS) means, contrast it with typical virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), and explain why VMware Horizon DaaS is the market-leading offering. You will have the opportunity to walk through the steps necessary to configure a tenant environment in a hosted cloud on Horizon DaaS, provision a pool of desktops from an existing template, and monitor/manage that environment.

The lab consists of 3 Modules:

  • Module 1 – DaaS Overview. This module consists of a narrative explanation of what DaaS is, how it is different from traditional VDI, and how the two can be complimentary.
  • Module 2 – Desktop Provisioning. This module will introduce VMware Horizon DaaS to you as a new tenant of a service provider-managed environment. You will explore what you have purchased, connect the cloud environment to your corporate domain, and then provision a pool of desktops to provide to your users.
  • Module 3 – Desktop Management. Walks you through some of the typical tasks you will perform in the ongoing management of your DaaS environment. Specifically, you will explore the system status dashboard, and the process of updating your gold image to accommodate software patches.

HOL-MBL-1457 – AirWatch – Explore and Deploy
In this lab, you will learn the basics in setting up AirWatch for an enterprise environment, including creating Restriction Profiles, Advanced Mobile Device Management configurations for Enterprise use cases, and the ability to use a Single Device with Multiple Users via a Check-In/Check-Out process. You can use the AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management platform with your own phone or tablet, or borrow a device from the labs team.

The current modules within this lab are as follows:

  • Module 1 – Basic Enrollment and MDM Setup (45 min)
  • Module 2 – Advanced Mobile Device Management (45 min)
  • Module 3 – Single Device/Multiple Users (45 min)

While here are Barcelona, there are a number of iPads available to be checked out for use with this lab. If you are interested in using one, please ask your Lab proctor if a device is available for check out to use with this lab prior to sitting down.

So as you can see, we have provided you with many choices to learn firsthand how the VMware Mobility products can help your company to solve very complex issue. Take some time out of your busy schedule this week to come in, sit down and enjoy these labs!

Jeff Weiss
Jeff Weiss is an End-User Computing Staff Engineer at VMware