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Link to Self Register / Take a Lab:

Here are the basic steps to creating an account and starting a lab.

We also have a FAQ you can use as a reference.

Step 0. Make sure you have a decent network connection – especially if you are going to demo the labs to your peers. Hands-on Labs require 300 – 500 Kbps of Bandwidth per users / seat and 240 ms or better of network latency.

Step. 1 – Visit If you do not have an account hit the “Self Register” link and enter your first name, last name and email address.  You will then get an email from “” with Subject Line: Welcome to VMware Hands-on Labs – verify your account by hitting the link. Step 2. Log in and take a lab – be sure to hit the “Enroll” button to start your lab – this will add your lab selection into your transcripts. Once the lab is in your profile the NEE application will start to provision your lab. You will then quickly see the button labeled “Start this Lab” this is the final step you need to take to get your lab going – from account creation to actually taking a lab typically takes 3 – 5 minutes.

Be sure to hit the “Start this Lab” button to get your lab going.

Step 3. Once your lab starts provisioning you will see this the screen below. Notice it only takes about 26 seconds to deploy a fully populated VMware environment – this is because we have pre-populated these labs for our users – if not users would probably have to wait 5 – 7 minutes. Please note that these labs usually have a 4 hour window of lab time before they expire – this means you can spend 4 hours on your lab per session – and you can take the labs as many labs as you want – there are no restrictions to the amount of labs you can take so enjoy.

Step 4. – Enjoy your lab – now that you have created your account and started the lab you can start enjoying the content our product experts have put together for you. A couple of items to keep in mind.

A. The labs are segmented by Lab Topic – or name of lab – within each lab you have integrated modules that you can take independently or in order. This means you can skip around to any lab module you are interested in without having to complete each one (pretty cool)

B. Big monitors people ? We have the ability to split the screen and have the lab manual appear on a different screen – just hit the Split Screen button and have your lab manual appear on a tablet.

I hope this post is useful for you – please be sure to tell a friend how to get access to Hands-on Labs.

Adding Link to Hands-on Labs Frequently Asked Questions.


VMware Hands-on Labs Team