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Optimize Your Cloud Operations – more labs available

vSphere with Operations Management is a hot commodity right now. The Hands-on Labs are no exception. For our second group of VMworld 2013 labs to be released, we highlight vSphere 5.5, vSOM, vCenter Operations Manager, vCenter Log Insight and the IT Business Management Suite.


HOL-SDC-1301 – Applied Cloud Operations

Awesome possibilities await in the “Applied Cloud Operations” lab topic. vCenter Operations Manager and vCenter Log Insight are simplifying the way that companies monitor and manage their cloud. With this lab, you can experiment with a fully populated set of operational data. There is no other way to experience these products at this level of detail short of building your own datacenter and running it for a couple of weeks. Aren’t Hands-on Labs great?! 🙂

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HOL-SDC-1310 – vSphere and vSOM 101

This lab is the perfect place to start if you are new to the concept of operations management, or even virtualization in general. You will walk through a step-by-step introduction of vSphere and basic features in network, storage, compute and management. The lab manual ties in with an expansive video library that enables you to dive deep when you need to learn more, but skip over content that you are already familiar with.

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HOL-SDC-1311 – VMware IT Business Management

How much value are you delivering through your IT services? The VMware IT Business Management Suite can make the answer to this question much more transparent. Go beyond simply reporting on your infrastructure. Proactively analyze your costs and IT service delivery to make informed decisions for future success. Do not miss this lab and the opportunity that it opens for IT service optimization within your environment.

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Please do not forget to check out the labs we released yesterday and keep an eye on this space as we continue to roll-out the 2013 VMware Hands-on Labs.