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Hands on Labs Online Public Beta Update




We wanted to keep everyone in the loop on our progress and as always look for your feedback.

Beta Users:

We have started adding folks that have registered for our beta and have currently hit our first milestone of 500 registered users. THANK YOU.  We will continue to add more folks but waiting for a few changes coming in the next few hours to ensure the portal is running like a top.

“Wacky Wednesdays

As we stated in previous post we plan to update the portal on Wednesdays and it may require we bounce the application – this means that we might have to shut off service to make updates and do some general house keeping. Once the updates are made all services will be restored.

New Features Enhancements Coming:

New Content:

We currently have 10 VMworld Labs and will be adding more during the next few weeks – in total we plan to have all 36 labs and add more along the way – lots of fun.  We will need your help picking which labs to start with.. stand by for a poll in our HOL Community -> http://vmware.com/go/hol

Minor fixes:

We are fixing the issues with our user accounts settings so things will be back to normal shortly. For folks having problems logging in we thank you for your patience!

Updated Icons:

We are updating our content to reflect some cool new images our creative team put together for our lab categories – hope you like them.

We thank our users for your feedback and most of all your patience getting in,, as always please keep the feedback coming.

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The VMware Hands On Labs Team