VMworld SF FOG



It’s been a while since I publish my Top 10 list and thought it would be good to do so now that VMworld is back in SF. I have lived in SF most of my life and tend to prefer high value low dollar neighborhood restaurants and establishments dedicated to refreshments – below is my list…

Please keep in mind that most of these places you will have to take a cab from Moscone – most are about 15 minutes away – this could also be part of the fun.


Than Long – This one of my all time favorite neighborhood restaurants in Ocean Beach – The food is always great and great the place has a neighborhood feel. I highly recommend the Pepper Crab and Garlic Noodles you just cant go wrong. Please be sure to tell the staff you are attending VMworld and that you plan on taking a Hands on Lab !

Burma Super Star – This is the pride of the Clement street area. Burma does not take reservations so come early – if you are in by 5 PM you will not wait long in line. My favorite dishes are the Pea Shoots, Tea Leaf Salad and Walnut Prawns !

Slanted Door – I started going to Slanted Door when it was on Valencia – the Spring Rolls are superb, the Jicama Salad is spot on and the Shaken Beef rocks it. The Menu has gone up in prices since the it was in the Mish,,, ,,now expect to pay $30 for Shaken Beef but I guess it’s due to the high rent in the Ferry Building. Slanted Door is more of a place to take your customers / partners to. Be sure to get your reservations in early. The best cocktail here is the Ginger Limeade – there was a time when you could order it by the large jug.

Pancho Villa Taqueria – 3071 16th Street – San Francisco. I grew up always in the Mish and getting good Mexican food was never a problem. The one place that always stood out was Pancho Villa Taqueria – the food is always fresh, the line moves pretty fast. Be sure to bring your tennis shoes, in case you have to run,, the area can get kind of funky / strange after dark.

Balompie 3 3801 Mission St. – These are the Best Pupusas in San Francisco and the neighborhood is not so bad. They have Sierra Nevada on Tap – Sit at the bar and watch the cooks make your pupusas.

The Sentinel – I always describe this place as THE BEST DELI. The place is less than 150 S/F and the staff look like they are European Super Models working day jobs. My favorite is the Roast Beef Sandwich when its available. It’s a nice place to go if you are in the area  – open only for breakfast and lunch – no seating, no parking, no bathrooms, just really good sandwiches

Refreshments (Bars) 

NocNoc – Great name for a bar if you are in IT ☺ This is in the Lower Haight – so bring your tennis shoes in case you have to move around fast – The nice part about NocNoc is the atmosphere – its pretty much like a dark jungle cave. The beers are great, and if you don’t like this place there are 20 other bars next door.

Tosca – Tosca is pretty much the Temple of Irish Coffee’s and is only a few long minutes from Moscone. This place will make you feel human again after a long day at VMworld. – keep in mind you might run into movie stars here or politicians, they wont bother you if you don’t bother them.

Vesuvio – This is a superb bar right across the street from Tosca. I enjoy sitting on the second floor enjoying a few moments of quiet time watching traffic go by – soon we will all be able to take a Hands on Lab from places like this.

Working all of these calories off…

Broadway and Lyon St. – Yes I admit it I try to count my calories now days, 1900 per day is where I need to be at, but during VMworld this goes out the window. My favorite places to take back some of these calories are the monster stairs on Broadway and Lyon. The views are superb and the neighborhood is not too shabby… There are tons more places to burn off calories..this is just one of my favorite at the moment…

We are looking forward to a great VMworld – hope you enjoy your stay in SF ! Please do share your favorite places to go…

Enjoy the show !