VMware Explore 2022 Behind-the-Scenes Brand and Design

A Behind-the-Scenes Design View of VMware Explore

VMware Explore 2022 Europe 

 7 – 10 November | Barcelona, Spain

Join us for a rare glimpse into the creative process of the VMware Explore look and feel.

VMware Explore’s look and feel has been described as nothing short of “stunning” by so many who had gazed upon the visuals that towered from nearby buildings during VMware Explore 2022 US in San Francisco.  

In fact, when 100 attendees were surveyed onsite for their sentiment with regards to the Explore visuals, over 50% said that they felt it was very/extremely “relevant”, “unique”, “meaningful”, “compelling”, and “inspiring”. 

What went into the creative process for this year’s look and feel?

  • Goal
    • A fresh design system with bold, impactful visuals to use across all touchpoints and to delight audiences. 
  • Layered Meanings
    • Reflections in lenses are metaphors for the bright, limitless possibilities of the new multi-cloud universe and represent our attendees’ own unique perspectives. 

We were inspired by VMware’s ecosystem of innovators, makers and doers—driven to pursue the unknown, discover new opportunities, push the boundaries of our technical limits, and then push even further.  We wanted to capture that intangible desire to go beyond what we know, accepting the call to go bigger, higher, and better, on the search to learn and realize more. Our design team collaborated to create an event design system that was vibrant and fresh, full of unexpected elements, and rooted in the VMware corporate brand’s core elements.

-Lindy Groening, Director of Design, VMware


  • 27 Custom Faces, Lens, and Landscape Art Impressions  
  • 65+ Unique Design Templates 
  • 165 Animated Assets 
  • 970 Branded Assets Requested and Delivered Internally 
  • 1 Unified Event, To Be Repeated Globally (where it all comes to life) 

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