Announcements Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management

Announcing Workspace ONE UEM support for virtual desktops with Amazon WorkSpaces

The VMware Workspace ONE team is thrilled to announce the general availability of VMware Workspace ONE UEM support for virtual desktops on Amazon WorkSpaces. Customers of VMware Workspace ONE can start using this capability with VMware Workspace ONE UEM 2212 and later. 

VMware Workspace ONE UEM  

The VMware Workspace ONE team strives to deliver the most comprehensive UEM experience both for admins and end users. From a single console, admins manage the full device lifecycle of endpoints across any platform and device type within their organization. For employees this translates to consistent, seamless experiences including simplified single sign-on access to a unified catalog of applications and resources, ensuring productivity from any location, no matter the device.  

Optimized for modern hybrid workforces and a variety of use cases, VMware Workspace ONE offers deep support for an extensive array of endpoints ranging from mobile and desktop platforms to ruggedized devices, wearables, and IoT.  

Now we are excited to add UEM support for virtual Windows 10 and Linux desktops on Amazon WorkSpaces. This new capability expands VMware’s UEM story and builds on our Amazon partnership, which announced the VMware Horizon on Amazon WorkSpaces Core integration earlier this year. 

Amazon WorkSpaces  

Amazon WorkSpaces is a cloud-based desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) offering that enables organizations to provide Windows and Linux desktop instances. Amazon WorkSpaces helps customers alleviate many of the complexities of managing traditional desktops or on-premises VDI solutions, ultimately providing users with simple, secure access to desktops and apps in almost any location from supported devices or browsers. 

As a standalone offering, Amazon WorkSpaces fits the needs of many organizations. However, customers requiring additional management capabilities for their virtual desktops will find significant value from our integration between VMware Workspace ONE UEM and Amazon WorkSpaces.  

UEM for physical and virtual endpoints 

From the single VMware Workspace ONE UEM console used to manage all physical devices, admins can take advantage of the same tools for virtual desktops. Existing Amazon WorkSpaces customers can add Day 2 management as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) with UEM, enabling lifecycle management for virtual desktops in the same manner as all other endpoints. 

IT can easily assign and deploy applications to virtual desktops using VMware Workspace ONE UEM’s cloud distribution and native P2P for zero server footprint software delivery — plus full Win32 app lifecycle management. As with physical PCs, optimizing and securing Windows in real time is possible with cloud-native patch management and automated OS updates. And in situations where distributed users need help, Workspace ONE Assist is an integrated support solution with remote view and control capabilities to quickly resolve issues. 

At launch VMware Workspace ONE UEM support for Amazon WorkSpaces will include Windows 10, Amazon Linux 2, and Ubuntu desktops. To learn more from the Amazon WorkSpaces perspective, read their blog.

Try it out 

Existing customers of both VMware Workspace ONE UEM (2212 or later) and Amazon WorkSpaces can enroll virtual desktops running on Amazon WorkSpaces today.  

For others, to get started you will need an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account, AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), and you will need to deploy Amazon WorkSpaces. Next you will need a VMware Workspace ONE account with access to the portal, or you can use VMware’s TestDrive to try VMware Workspace ONE UEM. Finally, download the appropriate agent to install on your desktops. For Windows desktops, the agent is available from; for Linux, instructions for download are found in VMware Docs – Enroll Your Linux Devices.  

Additional VMware capabilities with Amazon WorkSpaces 

VMware Workspace ONE UEM is the latest in a series of VMware solutions to add support for Amazon WorkSpaces. Earlier this year we launched support for Amazon WorkSpaces on: 

Horizon 8 (2209)

Dynamic Environment Manager (2203)