Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management Workspace Security

Bring together device management and endpoint security with Workspace ONE Trust Network

Are you managing complexity well? The number of specialized tools required to secure today’s enterprise can yield an overwhelming amount of information and workflows. While advanced threat protection, endpoint detection and response, CASB, and virtual networks all bring critical capabilities to your enterprise, these solutions often come in distinct packages that are administered independently.

With complexity in mind, VMware created Workspace ONE Intelligence, which harvests insights from management and security information, and turns the insights into action. Why connect management and security? It’s efficient, responsive, and aligned with Zero Trust principles.

Today, VMware delivers Zero Trust to Workspace ONE by combining our unified endpoint management and analytics with endpoint protection and risk analytics from the VMware Carbon Black Cloud. Additionally, VMware Secure Access, Cloud Web Security, and SASE solutions for cloud and hybrid access can leverage risk information from Workspace ONE.

Workspace ONE also integrates with leading security solutions via the Workspace ONE Trust Network. The work of IT and security becomes easier with these capabilities:

  • Turnkey deployment of advanced security clients, with ongoing verification of integrity and state.
  • Ingestion of threat intelligence data – including user, app, device, and network data – into the centralized Workspace ONE Intelligence console.
  • The automation of responses to various threats, including remediation and the application of conditional access policies.

Partners in our Workspace ONE Trust Network include BETTER, Check Point, Lookout, Netskope, Pradeo, Zimperium, and Wandera.

If you’re beginning the journey to Zero Trust, start with our post about avoiding the traditional security vs. convenience tradeoffs. Looking for a practical guide to Zero Trust? Take a look at the Zero Trust strategies and tactics offered in this Forrester Spotlight.

If you’re struggling with siloed processes and overwhelming amounts of information, VMware can help.