Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management Announcements

Workspace ONE customers can now use Samsung Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) for free

We have exciting news to share from our valued partner, Samsung. As of July 1, 2021, Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) is available for free to Samsung and VMware customers!

KPE is Samsung’s premium suite of features that offers advanced security and management capabilities for Samsung mobile devices in the enterprise. KPE is fully integrated with Workspace ONE and can be managed directly in the Workspace ONE UEM console. Even better, with Knox Service Plugin integration, new features are available through Workspace ONE on the day they release. All you need to do is enable these powerful features with a free KPE license key, which is available from

Prior to July, KPE was offered as a premium, paid offering for organizations with Samsung mobile deployments. With Samsung’s recent pricing update, these powerful capabilities can be accessed at no added cost.

A huge array of features at your fingertips

The joint capabilities of Workspace ONE with Samsung KPE offer the flexibility to support modern enterprises and their wide varieties of workstyles ranging from essential frontline staff to hybrid knowledge workers. Here are just a few of those capabilities in detail:

Deep configuration: Flexible control of device settings

As an IT admin adhering to stringent enterprise policies, you may feel the need for granular hardware-level controls. With KPE, almost every tab in each device’s ‘Settings’ menu is configurable from the Workspace ONE UEM console — including display, location, language, notification, accessibility and much more. Now, each device can be tuned and adapted to the task at hand — all deployed over the air across any number of devices. You can also change your preferred network by only allowing connection to pre-defined Wi-Fi, disabling user changes to Settings, or hide the menu entirely.

Management and control aside, you might also want to make your teams’ lives easier by providing fewer steps to complete regular tasks. Whether that means enabling Wi-Fi in the office or turning on blue light filtering at night — no matter how detailed the function, IT admins can apply settings from a central platform and reduce the number of steps on behalf of their users.

DeX mode for the anywhere workforce

Samsung DeX allows your workforce to use their Galaxy smartphones as if they were laptops or desktop computers, simply by connecting to a monitor. They can open files quickly from their mobile email apps, write documents, edit spreadsheets and create presentations on a conventional large screen. With KPE and Workspace ONE, IT admins can configure DeX session policies, so colleagues can work remotely on their phones in a customized and secure environment.

For example:

  • For security – Set control screen timeout, or allow only secure Ethernet data connections (for docked use).
  • For productivity – The DeX launcher screen can be configured to load with preset apps and URL shortcuts. Alternatively, specific apps can be disabled in DeX mode.
  • For custom UI – Apply your company logo and a custom wallpaper when launching DeX.
  • Or simply disable DeX mode for added enterprise security.

Separated Apps

Increased mobility brings increased vulnerability to security issues, but KPE has you covered. For employees that use their work devices outside of work, it’s simple to separate business and personal apps on a single device. Built on top of the Android Enterprise platform, Knox Separated Apps defines an area where users are permitted to install pre-approved, third-party apps, you can ensure that sensitive, professional data is fully protected from any personal app usage with government-grade Knox security. This way, confidential information can be prevented from inadvertently ending up on third-party servers.

Hardware key re-mapping: one-click access to your app

For frontline teams looking to replace legacy hardware with user-friendly smartphones and apps, Samsung’s ruggedized XCover and Tab Active devices are built to withstand the physical demands of field workers. These devices provide users with a familiar user interface plus the convenience of a physical button that can be configured for one-click access to a selectable application.

This capability maximizes the productivity of frontline workers by putting critical apps and functions at their fingertips. Inventory managers or delivery workers might need to open the barcode scanner app multiple times in an hour, or retail sales teams might want to access a push-to-talk app throughout the working day. With KPE and Workspace ONE, you can make these actions easy by configuring the physical key on the device. No need to take off work gloves and shuffle through a catalog of apps, and no time lost.

Extensive security options

Samsung devices are built with security in mind, which is especially important for today’s distributed workforce. Employees work from anywhere on a mix of personal and corporate devices, making it harder for organizations to ensure the security of devices and sensitive resources. With KPE, Samsung developed a suite of defense-grade security features for organizations requiring the highest security standards. Now features such as non-bypassable VPN, VPN chaining, firewall policy enhancements and biometric controls are accessible for all Samsung devices and can be managed through the Workspace ONE UEM console.

What to do next

VMware and Samsung are here to deliver the best experiences for your workforce through the combined features of Workspace ONE and KPE. Sign in to to get your free KPE license today.

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