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VMware Launches All New Online macOS Management Training Course

As we continue to add critical functionality to Workspace ONE for macOS management, we are actively helping our customers get the greatest possible benefit out of their investment.  If you haven’t heard yet about the incredible macOS functionality we’ll be releasing in Workspace ONE over the next several months, we posted a blog in October that will fill you in, titled Preview: Exciting New Functionality and Training Program Bolstering macOS Management in Workspace ONE.

In that same blog, we also announced that we were creating a comprehensive online training program for Workspace ONE macOS administrators. We’re excited to announce that we’ve now officially launched this eagerly anticipated new training program, which is free to all Workspace ONE customers, delivered 100% online and available right now. You can sign up for it today, here.

New macOS Management Training

The goal of this training program is to turn admins into full-on power users. It covers all of the macOS management functions available in Workspace ONE in detail, with more content on the several new features that were announced at VMworld to follow.

Here’s the best part: Even admins who have been using Workspace ONE to manage Macs for years are likely to learn many new things that can help them create and maintain an exceptional employee experience.

Core high-level topics include:

• Integrating Workspace ONE with Apple Business Manager

• Understanding enrollment types and device staging

• Understanding application management for macOS

• Understanding configuration management for macOS

Upcoming Badge Exam

In the January 2021 timeframe, we will release an exam to cap off the training course.  Those who pass the exam with an acceptable score will receive a “Workspace ONE macOS Administrator” badge. Use it in email signatures or in forums, not to mention on resumes and wherever else you can think of.

Note that while the training program proper is free to all customers, it will cost a nominal fee to take the exam.  And in order to maintain their official badged status admins will be required to continue their education by taking any new course modules as they’re made available and passing exams where applicable.

It’s Time to Manage Your Macs with Workspace ONE

If you haven’t started managing your Macs at all yet because you weren’t sure exactly how to go about it, now is the time to get up to speed on Mac management with Workspace ONE and stop managing your Macs ad hoc.

If you’re using some other tool to manage your Macs, this training course is an opportunity to learn about the full macOS management functionality built into Workspace ONE so you can consolidate all your device management into ONE solution that will save your organization money, time and effort.


Sign up to take the macOS Management Training Course

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