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Wandera enriches VMware Workspace ONE Trust Network to enable Unified Security for Enterprises

VMware’s Workspace ONE Trust Network was conceptualized around the core idea of bringing best of breed security solutions together to give customers a comprehensive security solution without any compromise. Today, we are excited to announce that Workspace ONE Trust Network is getting further strengthened by the addition of Wandera as a generally available partner. This integration gives our joint customers the ability to bring the best of VMware Workspace ONE and Wandera together to manage and secure their mobile endpoints.

With inherent security capabilities built into the VMware Workspace ONE platform, customers can take advantage of managing and securing any app on any device using, for example, data loss prevention (DLP) policies, encryption, and access management. In addition, customers have been able to leverage their existing investments in industry-leading security solutions as part of the Workspace ONE Trust Network ecosystem. Today, endpoint security tools are 24% of all IT security spending. Despite this massive investment, 70% of all breaches still originate at endpoints. Clearly, lack of investments to tackle the problem is not the issue. What is needed however if to leverage the capabilities of some of the best-of-breed solutions more effectively.

By bringing together real-time threat data from an industry leader such as Wandera and combining with all the powerful data Workspace ONE is able to aggregate from its platform approach, we believe it gives our joint customers a comprehensive data set to detect, analyze and respond to threats in a unified fashion.

Enriching Workspace ONE Intelligence with Mobile Threat Data

Fig 1: Wandera feeds threat data to Workspace ONE Intelligence


Workspace ONE Intelligence is powered by immensely valuable data it is able to gather from the Workspace ONE platform ranging from device compliance, user identity, access location and more. This data enables Workspace ONE Intelligence to get a full view of the compliance status of all devices as well risks associated with actions taken by users. Leveraging its Automation engine, it can further ensure that devices stay business ready and Zero Trust access policies are enforced at all times.

This integration with Wandera takes Workspace ONE’s security capabilities even higher. With the world’s largest and most comprehensive mobile data set, Wandera’s cloud-delivered security solution keeps organizations protected from the broadest range of known and zero-day threats. Customers can now ingest threat data from Wandera’s security cloud in real-time, enabling direct integrations with IT workflows and incident response processes.

Specifically, this data can now be used to easily design custom dashboards inside of Workspace ONE Intelligence, enabling IT professionals to get a comprehensive view into all the security alerts across their mobile fleet. Customers can also set up simple automation rules to take appropriate actions as Wandera detects threats and they get relayed to Workspace ONE Intelligence. Below is just one of many different views that can be set up in the Workspace ONE Intelligence console.

Fig 2: Example dashboard view of Wandera data inside Workspace ONE Intelligence

VMware has a long-standing relationship with Wandera and with this new integration, we are taking this relationship further to offer customers a streamlined option to manage and secure their mobile devices. This integration helps to solve real customer challenges around alert fatigue and breaking down silos between IT and Infosec for better prevention, detection and remediation of any security threats.

Please visit VMware’s solution exchange to get more information on the solution. Additionally, read Wandera’s blog announcing the integration here and join us for a webinar on July 28th, 2020 to learn about this integration in more detail. Be there!