Here They Are: VMware 2018 EUC Champions

EUC 2018 Champions

EUC Experts Program Grows to Thirty-five Members

We started the EUC Champions program in 2015 with one thing in mind: find the best minds in end-user computing and bring them together. Four years later, we’re excited to announce the program has grown to thirty-five outstanding citizens of the world. But, that’s not all. We’re also announcing the EUC Champions website, which describes the program and what it takes to be an EUC Champion. There’s more. We’re going big this year and adding bios, contact information and even headshots of our champions. Take a look at this year’s recruits.

What is the EUC Champions Program?

EUC Champions is an experts-only program designed to provide a forum where the end-user computing community and VMware EUC product groups come together and share new product information and ideas through in-person meetings, networking events, industry conferences and webinars. This interaction helps ensure VMware EUC experts receive the most up-to-date information, and VMware product teams hear from industry veterans.

Thought leadership is easier said than done. It takes hard work and an ear to the ground to stay on top of industry trends. Many of our 2018 VMware EUC Champions have been thought leaders for decades, while others are rapidly becoming the go-to experts in their respective area. Whether new or returning, this year’s champions are among the ranks of end-user computing experts, who have done the work, made the commitment and signed up for more of the same in 2018.

Welcome to the following 2018 EUC Champions

Name LinkedIn Twitter
Barry Coombs @VirtualisedReal
Christian Mohn @h0bbel
Dane Young @youngtech
Daniel Dietrich @DDietrich86
David Fekety @dfekety
Deric Bolland @derlcb
Earl Gay @earlg3
Eduardo Molina @molikop
Fabian Lenz @lenzker
Gerard Strouth @gstrouth
Jarian Gibson @jariangibson
Jesse Brooks @jessebrooks
Joe Clarke @elgwhoppo
Johan van Amersfoort @vhojan
Kalen Arndt @kalenarndt
Kyle Jenner @kylejenneruk
Marius Sandbu @msandbu
Matt Heldstab
Nikolay Nikolov @niki_nikolov
Rebecca Fitzhugh @rebeccafitzhugh
Rory Monaghan @Rorymon
Sean Massey @seanpmassey
Timm Brochhaus @TimmBrochhaus
Tony Foster @wonder_nerd
Trond Eirik Haavarstein @xenappblog
Jens Hennig @hennig_jens
Soren Reinertsen @sorenreinertsen
Laurens van Duijn @LaurensvanDuijn
Mackenzie Meier @MackenzieKMeier
Anthony Hook @anthonyrhook
Jeremy Ey @kayakerscout
Wouter Kursten @Magneet_NL
Thomas Poppelgaard @_Poppelgaard
Jason Samuel @_JasonSamuel

Interested in becoming an EUC Champion next year?

Once a year, we accept nominations for the EUC Champions program. If you are interested in being considered for next year’s program, visit this page for more details