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Introducing the Echo ONE Podcast

What is a digital workspace? And why are businesses doubling down on this new way to work? This trend is so transformational that we launched a brand new podcast dedicated to all things digital workspace and business mobility.

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Episode #1: What Is a Digital Workspace?

In the premier episode of Echo ONE, get to know us – Justin and Blakely – as we talk to historian, published author and professor Dr. Don Elder about how NASA’s Project Echo laid the groundwork for modern communications and the digital workspace.

Episode #2: He Says the New Digital Workspace Will Make Us Love Work. Love? Seriously?!

Noah Wasmer, SVP of mobile products for VMware, joins the show and is called out for a Forbes post he wrote saying that 2016 is the year people will finally love their work. Love? Seriously?! With only 13% of the world’s workers feeling engaged at work, he’s got some explaining to do.

Episode #3: The Tug of War between User Demands & IT Requirements

Sumit Dhawan joins the show via Skype to shed some light on the mystery of the digital workspace and the technology that makes the digital workspace work. In Echo ONE #3, explore:

  • The tug of war between user demands and IT requirements
  • IT’s new career path, thanks to the transition to the mobile-cloud era
  • How the consumerization of IT is increasing in influence for business technology decisions

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Tune in for our next episode, when mobility expert Blake Brannon joins the show to talk enterprise app trends in “Smartphones, but Dumb Apps.”

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