VMware Boxer Email App Explained in 7 GIFs

The VMware Boxer email app is now available for VMware Workspace ONE customers on iOS. Take a look at what’s in store for you when you switch to Boxer with these seven GIFs.

Secure Browser


What it is: Open up links shared via email with the secure VMware Browser.

Why it’s so cool: IT can restrict users to access sensitive company information shared in email, like links to intranet sites, only with a secure browser. Employees get to work on the go while IT gets assurance that data is secure.

Quick Reply


What it is: Swipe a message to take action and tap “Quick” to select and send a pre-configured reply from the options listed (like “Yes.” or “Thanks!”).

Why it’s so cool: You’ll save time typing out simple, generic responses and be able to promptly respond on the go.

Send Availability


What it is: When you’re replying to an email, simply select “Send Availability” to choose and share timeslots from your calendar that you’re free to meet or chat.

Why it’s so cool: It’s keyboard-free, and it gives you the power to choose when you meet! All you have to do is tap, not type, available times, and you get to choose the best times to meet from your calendar, not the other person.

Modern Calendar


What it is: Toggle between day, week and month views of all your calendars in one space to check your availability at a glance.

Why it’s so cool: The simple, color-coded design and customizable views make it easy to see when you’re busy and what’s coming up next.

Evernote Integration


What it is: Swipe a message to take action and tap “Evernote” to send an email to your Evernote notebook of choice.

Why it’s so cool: Evernote can help you archive and organize emails and attachments by project or content type, without taking up inbox space.

Inline Editing


What it is: Forward or reply to emails with inline edits to the sender’s original message.

Why it’s so cool: You’ll better avoid confusion by responding directly within the sender’s email and save time retyping their questions for clarity.

Bulk Actions


What it is: Select multiple emails at once and swipe to swiftly take action in bulk.

Why it’s so cool: You tend to do one of three things with all emails: delete it, flag it for immediate action or mark it as read/unread for later response. Now, you can accelerate the process on your mobile device with customizable swipe gestures and bulk actions to get to “inbox zero” faster.

Get Boxer Email App for Your Business

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