Business Continuity

Flexibility for Mobile Users—While Making Things Easy for IT

Business transformations are driven by user experiences. The better the experience, the more creativity gets unleashed and the more collaborative and productive your teams become. Your business can make transformations a reality by mobilizing user workspaces that provide always-on access to business systems, information and processes in a way users want and expect.

According to an Xcube Labs study, 67% of CIOs believe mobility will impact their businesses more than the Internet did when first launched. CIOs are realizing the key role mobility will play in their business.

The key challenge is balancing what users want with what IT teams need.

  • Users want always-on access to systems and data—any app, any device, anywhere. They also need a single sign-on, personalized experience with flexible mobile workflows that enable them to get their jobs done. Users also want the latest gadgets running the friendliest apps, with 24×7 support in the language they speak.
  • IT needs to protect corporate assets and prevent data loss, preferably through a single digital workspace for all employees designed with security as a core pillar. IT must also address budget restrictions as well as internal skill set and legacy infrastructure limitations. They also need a solution that proactively adapts to constant changes in business, technology and regulations.

Now with Capgemini MyWorkspace solution powered by VMware AirWatch, businesses can achieve the multi-faceted balance between customer simplicity, access, enterprise security and global scale. The integrated solution offers technologies that enable IT to give end users the freedom to collaborate, while also ensuring security, compliance and control regardless of business process, device, operating system and language.

  • Powerful User Experience: Provides end-users with a single workspace for easy access to any app across any device to enable productive workflows.
  • Freedom of Choice: Gives organizations more choice when it comes to selecting an enterprise mobility platform that can support both existing and future investments. Airwatch is the one of the largest mobility providers globally, so its inclusion in My Workspace enables clients to continue to use their existing platform.
  • Broad Device Support: An employee’s experience relies on their mixed use of desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Airwatch enables broader coverage of operating system support.
  • Quick, Successful Deployments: Accelerates time-to-market for key business processes across the entire organization. Capgemini operates secure cloud-based Airwatch environments in many locations around the globe, making it easy to rapidly and successfully launch customers into the world of mobile productivity.

All of this is backed by Capgemini’s global service and support. The fully-managed, end-to-end service takes away the worry about hardware and software purchases, deployment, provisioning, configuration, administration and support.

Key Customer Benefits through My Workspace by Capgemini, Powered by AirWatch

  • Fuels innovation by strategically utilizing resources to identify, approach and tackle business opportunities in ways never before imagined.
  • Enhances experiences through a flexible, personalized work environment, where users are both encouraged and empowered to move the business to new heights.
  • Embodies security by giving users the ability to collaborate and access the information and systems they need without putting the business at risk.

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