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Certification Exam Price Increase on April 1

As of April 1, 2017, VMware certification exam prices will change.

What’s Changing

Our baseline exam prices have remained steady for the last three years (except for adjustments based on global exchange rates). To continue providing exceptional service and outstanding offerings, we will adjust certification exam prices as follows:

VMware Certified Associate (VCA) and vSphere Foundations (online, non-proctored) exams $125
VMware Certified Professional (VCP) exams $250
VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) exams $450
VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) – $995 application + $3000 defense
– $900 for a second or third VCDX, or [UPDATE] for a remote re-defense

To take advantage of current pricing: register for your exam, or buy an exam voucher (for VCA, VCP, and VCAP exams) before March 31, 2017. Vouchers purchased before April 1 will still apply the full price of an exam after the price increase goes into effect.

Please note that the prices listed above are for developed countries. Beginning on April 1, alternate pricing will be available for developing countries through the Pearson VUE web site.

[UPDATE] For VCDX candidates applying in March or June, for a defense in May or August, we will honor the original price of $300 (application fee) and $900 (defense fee). For those applying in June (for the August defense), they must submit their intent to apply here by April 1.

Why We’re Making this Change

As mentioned above, VMware has not changed prices for certification exams in over three years. VMware Certification is priced lower than competing programs and will continue to be, even with the new pricing model. The change brings us in line with market rates, and allows us to continue improving the program and the exam development process, and bring you new benefits such as digital badging and increased capabilities within VMware Certification Manager.

We recognize that the increase for the VCDX program is not insignificant. This change enables us to strengthen the program, bringing it, and the VCDX Community, more recognition among key industry influencers. We continue to look at adding benefits and programs for the current and future VCDX community such as Town Halls, workshops, etc. We are also finding ways to recognize our VCDX panelists who commit a tremendous amount of their own time and resources to support the program.

These price changes allow us to reinvest and drive industry recognition of the value that VMware Certified employees at all levels bring to their organizations.

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Karl Childs

About Karl Childs

Karl Childs is a Senior Manager with VMware Education Services. He has 20+ years experience in IT Education and Certification, working with global companies such as HP, Novell, and MCI. While his background is in Instructional Technology and Training Development, he enjoys applying those skills within the IT and software industry.

72 thoughts on “Certification Exam Price Increase on April 1

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  2. Jeff

    How are you providing better service? For VCAP sometimes the latency and crappy equipment at the testing center is 100% cause for failure. Which happened to me once.

    1. Karl ChildsKarl Childs Post author

      Hi Jeff, I agree 150% on the VCAP lab exams. That’s one of the key areas we’ve been working on and have plans for. There was significant improvement from v5 VCAP exams to v6 in terms of usability and latency. However, we still have restrictions in display, disabled keystrokes (due to browser security), and some latency. Key improvements are being worked on to overcome all these issues, as an example of how the reinvestment into the program helps improve our products.

  3. steven

    Karl, I understand the need to increase the price of the exam and I realize this is going to come off as a complaint over the aggregate cost, but I wanted to provide some feedback.

    I feel that a 250% increase in VCDX cost, implemented after a very short thirty day notice is unreasonable. I’m sure you’re well aware most candidates spend 14+ months in the process. I personally have been working towards VCDX-NV for 14 months and plan to submit a design package in mid April. This leaves me having invested heavily in the process and essentially held hostage by the time and funds I’ve invested so far, to make such a dramatic and abrupt increase in cost is not fair to those already in the pipeline. I personally feel like there should be some set aside for those who had met all pre-reqs and declared in writing their intent to submit in the last X months.

    When you factor in the time, VMware training, and other direct costs I’ve incurred so far, I can’t back out now, but had this been the cost 14 months ago, I likely would have pursued CCIE.

    1. Karl ChildsKarl Childs Post author

      Hi Steven, that’s a fair and legitimate concern. I appreciate your suggestion as well regarding the “intent to submit” list. Though it adds value to the program and candidate in the long-run, it’s tough to have to pay more with little notice. I’d like to investigate your suggestion a bit more, and see if there is a viable option to help those submitting for April.

      1. Josh

        If you could possibly change the VCDX price increase to take effect for 2018 defenses, I think that would be an easier pill to swallow. Having recently obtained my VCIX and looking at the available defense dates, I was planning to submit in September. If you want to submit for a VCDX now to have the original pricing, you have exactly 1 week to submit before the March 10th application submission deadline…1 week! That’s not practical.

        1. Karl ChildsKarl Childs Post author

          Hi Steven, Josh, take a look at the updated blog above – I’ve clarified the transition to the new pricing, which allows time for those in process of preparing to submit before the new prices take effect.

    2. Bilal Ahmed

      I have to agree with Steven here. From what I can read if I submit in march and for whatever reason I need to re submit or do another defense, I would have to pay the new fee. That makes it a one shot go for me.

      I am assuming that this price increase has been in the pipeline for a while, and yet we have such a short notice period for it to take affect, leave anyone that has already ploughed their own time and effort into getting close to submission now with either a one shot chance for march or having to pay the new inflated price.

      Had I known this price adjustment was happening just as Steven has said I would have revaluated continuing moving forward with my submission attempt.

      1. Graham

        I agree with Steven and Bilal. Having invested so much time & finances on material & just finished meeting the prerequisites by attaining VCIX & made a start on the design, I even have a mentor – Now to have to sustain an almost $3000 price increase with this much little notice is frustrating. I’m self-funded so that’s a lot of money into something I have already invested heavily in.

        I really do not want to pack this in but if there was a way to allow people in our position who were planning on submitting in June / Defend August to keep the original pricing, I think this would be fair and gives enough time for people already invested into the track to get a design in by June. Given the little notice of the price increase, I would have to seriously rush the design phase in 7 days to maintain at the existing pricing – this simply isn’t possible.

        I hope this is useful for consideration, I know a few of us “existing candidates” are in the same situation right now.

        1. Karl ChildsKarl Childs Post author

          Bilal, Graham, please take a look above at the updated blog. I’ve clarified the transition to the new pricing, which allows time for those in process of preparing to submit before the new prices take effect.

    3. Josh

      Well, so much for going for a VCDX later this year. That is an insane increase with little notice. At least the recertification policy was a 2 year notice. VCDX is already a prestigious, hard-to-get certification. Now you’re making it out of reach financially, I’d understand if that maybe included airfare or something, but this is nuts.

  4. Hiruy

    Hi Karl, my VCP5 certification expires on Apr9,2017 I am planning to take VCP6 on Apr 7. If i book for exam appointment for Apr 7 would the price increase? or do i have to book a date before March 31? Thanks

    1. Karl ChildsKarl Childs Post author

      Hiruy, if you register for the exam before April 1, you will still only pay the current price. You can still schedule it for April 7, but be sure to register on or before March 31.

  5. Ben

    I’d like to echo the concerns regarding both the VCAP exams and the VCDX cost for those already in the pipeline.

    I’m not sure what could be done about VCAP if it is still delivered in the current format. I think possibly the delivery could be done like the Red Hat RHCE exam which would give VMWare greater control over the environment with the downside of fewer exam delivery locations. Or a format like Linux Foundation which is online proctored. The RH exams are $400USD in US, and the LF exams are $300 worldwide. So possibly the exam could be delivered in a different format for about the same cost.

    Ideally, I’d hope that VCDX is cost neutral. Both VMware and the candidate benefit greatly from this certification. For those already in the pipeline, who’ve given notice of their intent to defend, I would very much expect that there would be no new costs imposed by VMware, as an act of good faith. Candidates would typically be spending $10,000s in time and money preparing for this exam, so would have a significant personal commitment. Relatively speaking, they would be a much weaker position than VMware. So I am hopeful that VMware will recognise this and treat those people fairly by not imposing new costs.

    1. Karl ChildsKarl Childs Post author

      Hi Ben, we’ve been looking at, and currently working on, an updated infrastructure that will allow us to deliver the VCAP exams in a more robust environment. Most of the fixes are behind the scenes, but over time, candidates will notice vast improvement.

      For VCDX, take a look at the updated blog above. I’ve clarified the timing of the transition to the new pricing, as well as for re-attempts and “doubles”, to help those in process.

  6. Tom

    Must agree with Steven, Bilal, and Graham here. I’ve been deep in the process and am almost ready to submit for Mar 10. However, I was considering pushing out till June due to some pressing duties with work and family. As a contract consultant, I don’t get the luxury of an employer (like VMware or the big vendors) paying my way through failed attempts.

    Given the high number of first time failures, it seems like I’m better served by investing my time and energy in other technologies. The AWS Solutions Architect and the Cisco CCDE both seem to promise a better return and more marketability. Even the vExpert designation appears to get more recognition than the VCDX does!

    1. Karl ChildsKarl Childs Post author

      Hi Tom, take a look at the updated blog above. I’ve clarified the pricing transition. If you miss the March 10 deadline, you can still get the original price for a June submission.

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  8. Mike


    you say ‘exceptional service and outstanding offerings’ – we have been talking in the past and I am shocked to see that some technical problems with VCAP exams – specifically VCAP6-CMD Design – still exists after almost 6 months with no fix yet available. I wouldn’t really call it ‘exceptional.

    Also what are the outstanding offerings ? A lot of companies don’t even know the difference between vExpert or VCDX so without proper marketing the VCDX I really cannot see how a 250% hike is justified.

    This will certainly alienate a lot more potential candidates. I wanted to submit myself for December but I know I now won’t be able to afford it and I will struggle to make a business case for my company to show the relevant ROI for them to pay for it.

    At this stage my VCDX changed from a December Defence to a pipe-dream unlikely to be achieved any time soon.

    We will likely now see a VCDX being primarily achieved by partners requiring them for the SDDC competencies or VMware internal staff.

    Sad times.

    1. Mike

      Also not to mention the lack of availabilities of defence dates for us in Europe. Adding the cost to travel to the US – will make a VCDX easily a $10k journey …

    2. Giuliano Bertello

      I need to echo Mike, Steven, Tom, Ben and Bilal in full here.
      I understand there are a lot of costs involved for panellists and team behind the program however this would have been digested much better if 1) you gave a proper notice for such a HUGE increase and 2) you explained what the added values are for candidates.
      For instance, if you said “From April 2018 VCDX costs will be ABC and the added values are XYZ” I would have accepted it and felt a lot more reasonable.
      Not to mention the fact that a “12 months notice” would have pushed me to focus on my VCDX as I’m currently in the process and half-way, and would have motivated me even more; instead of deflating me (current status). 30 days notice is instead deflating me.
      I think the main issue most of the people have with this it’s how it was been communicated and the inadequate notice.
      I hope you can re-evaluate based on our feedback.

      1. Giuliano Bertello

        — Continuing here as I can’t edit my comment —
        Correction: how it was communicated.

        Also what is this alleged voucher the article is talking about ? Never heard of any voucher for VCDX exams and the link you have posted only confirms that.
        Can you explain please?

        1. Karl Childs

          Hi Giuliano, there haven’t been vouchers for VCDX in the past. Vouchers are available only for the VCA, VCP, and VCAP exams.

      2. Karl ChildsKarl Childs Post author

        Hi Giuliano, thanks for the comment. Take a look at the updated blog above – I’ve clarified the transition to the new pricing, which allows time for those in process of preparing to submit before the new prices take effect.

  9. Kyle Maulden

    I can no longer justify maintaining my certification with VMware. They have become too greedy. First, I acquire my certification under the vise of it being a “good for life” certification. Then VMware goes and retroactively yanks the rug out from under me, and my good for life certification now has an expiration date. I completely understand the concept of having certificates that expire and have to be renewed. But this is a policy that should be done going forward, not retroactively. This is how CompTIA did it when they changed their policy, and there was no backlash as there was when VMware changed their policies.

    I renewed my certification once, but won’t be doing it again. Not going to pay a company to have a certification that can’t make up their mind on their policies. Who knows what they may change next.

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    1. Karl Childs

      Hi Fouad, currently vouchers are only available for VCA, VCP, and VCAP exams.

  11. Jay Rogers

    Can I assume VMUG ADVantage discounts sill apply under the new pricing?

  12. Valdecir Carvalho

    Hi Karl,
    My name is Valdecir and I run a blog about VMware in Brazilian Portuguese and I´m also a VMUG Leader. I´ve blogged about the price increase and people are asking me two questions:

    1. Were can I find more info about the discounts or prices for developing countries? I´m from Brazil and I would like to know if Brazil is considered a “developing country” and what are the prices for theses countries.

    2. The VMUG Advantage discounts will be still valid with the new prices?

    Thanks a lot.



    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen

      Hi VC,

      Thanks for your questions.

      1. For developing countries and locally priced exams the prices will be available through Pearson VUE (soon). Generally they will be roughly about 12-20% lower as they have been previously. VCDS is not included. The VCDX prices above are a global price.
      2. No changes are planned at this time for the VMUG Advantage discount.

      Thank you,

      1. Greg

        Hi Paul. Please confirm VCA/VCP/VCAP exams in developing countries will be cheaper than today? Or prices will be higher for all countries but still 12-20% lower compare to non-developing countries as today. For example today in Poland 175USD for VCP and 310USD for VCAP?
        Regards Greg

        1. Karl ChildsKarl Childs Post author

          Hi Greg, the prices in developing countries are also raising slightly. The online exam price (VCA/Foundations) is rising 5% to $100USD, VCP to $200USD, and the VCAP to $325USD. Variations will of course occur due to currency exchange rates, but this is the right baseline prices.

    2. Karl ChildsKarl Childs Post author

      Hi Valdecir, to add on to Paul’s reply, the prices for developing countries won’t be available until they are programmed into the Pearson VUE systems on April 1 (in local currency).


  13. LB

    So, the price for the exam is jacked up $3K with a 2 months heads up and yet people are get cheap apologies for an exam that has been broken for more than 6 months? Sounds like the VCDS exam is now for rich people who pay to be insulted and whipped.

    1. Josh

      You don’t even get 2 months heads up, you have to submit your design by March 10th to get in at the current price for VCDX, so about 8 days notice. A poorly thought out price increase, hopefully the additional revenue from VCA/VCP will counter then lost revenue for VCDX, I know I’m out.

      1. Karl ChildsKarl Childs Post author

        Hi Josh and LB, take a look at the updated blog above – I’ve clarified the transition to the new pricing, which allows time for those in process of preparing to submit before the new prices take effect.

  14. steven slocum

    Karl, I am a VMug advantage member and have been for several years, never really paid much attention to the certification discounts I got through VMug, but now I’d like to ask the question. In the past has the discount been available for VCDX expenses? And in the future will membership allow for a discount in VCDX expenses?


    1. Karl Childs

      Hi Steven, there has not been a VCDX discount through VMUG Advantage. The VMUG is managed by a different group, so I asked the question to them. They’re open to discussing, but as of today, no additional discount for VCDX.

      1. Jeff

        I am a vmug advantage member and was unaware of the VCAP discounts. I need to register for the vcap6 dcd, how do I get the discount?

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  16. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen

    Hey Folks,

    We made a few clarifications/updates to the original post, particularly about extending the old price to VCDX applicants who plan to apply and defend within the next couple of rounds. Additionally you will note that under the new pricing you can re-defend remotely (on a VCDX) for a lower price if that becomes necessary. Please be sure to read through those changes.


  17. Christopher Lewis

    The following may come across as bit of a moan, and it probably is. I’ve been working with VMware products for over 15 years and only recently have I decided to “prove my worth” by obtaining the high level certifications.
    Firstly, let me say, I understand the need for increasing the costs of certifications in general. However, as previously commented here the VCAP6-CMA deploy exam was not only painful, it is taking months to mark (currently 45+ days). I thought the purpose of BETA testing was to fix the problems? I don’t understand how this is acceptable in a “world class service”. What this means in real terms is because VMware are taking so long, I will have to pay the increased VCAP price for the retake if I fail.
    In terms of VCDX, when are we going to see a VCDX-CMA blueprint? Currently there is only a VCDX-Cloud one published and according to the information on that page (which is woefully out of date) you have to be VCAP5-CID and VCAP5-CIA to submit. I assume most VCDX-CMA defences are against a fictional ideal of a v6 blueprint and so why haven’t VMware updated this?
    If VMware are not planning to publish a VCDX-CMA (v6) blueprint (which I don’t expect they will considering vRA6 is near end of life and no one really designs for it anymore) and go straight for a VCDX-CMA (v7) blueprint, are those who people have paid for VCAP6-CMA’s to be able to defend against VCDX-CMA (v6) going to be refunded because the certification isn’t required?
    I’m sure those who are submitting (or re-submitting) for the next two defences will be pleased to find out they won’t be given a 250% price hike. I personally was planning to defend in December and it looks like that opportunity has now been taken away from me because not only are increasing the cost but not providing a better service (i.e. You not providing CMA defences in the UK so why would I pay 250% increase to talk to someone over a video link).
    My advice to VMware would be:
    Noting that VMware Education are a part of a multi-billion $ company. How about make visible “good faith” improvements to the certification service before starting charging for it. For example, increasing the number of tracks that can be defended in person in the different locations. Don’t charge your end users and then promise to deliver better services, because if the service doesn’t deliver you will lose people.
    Allow anyone who is VCIX6 before 1st April 2017 the ability to defend within 12 months at the original price. That gives anyone who is working for VCIX before April so they can submit an incentive to keep going.
    And finally, and probably most contentious of all, I assume a “perk” of working for VMware is free (or extreme discounted) exams. This is obviously a cost to you as a business. How you start charging your own staff full price for taking the certifications and VCDX submissions as well as increasing the prices for non-VMware employees? I do wonder how many failed VCDX submissions/defences and failed exam takes are internal to VMware and therefore costing you money.

    1. VCDX Fell off my list


      I just read your post after submitting mine. We both have some similar points. +1 my friend.
      This is complete garbage by VMware!
      Before you try to charge premium prices it would worth a look to see what the market leader at the premier certification level is doing, you’ll find it’s not gouging the customer. Oh by the way, HR knows there’s financial value in that premium candidate joining the company. Not so much with a VCDX!

    2. Karl Childs

      Hi Christopher,

      The VCDX is the pinnacle of our certification program and has tremendous value for those who achieve it. Even so, it has been priced very low compared to other advanced credentials in marketplace. Moving forward, the VCDX will be priced accordingly to the value of the certification.

      Our objective with VCDX has always been to drive a standard for an elite credential targeting highly-skilled solution architects and to recognize them as the best. We’re on our way, but we want to drive improvements that make the VCDX a globally recognized standard among technologists and companies.

      Building, administering, maintaining and growing a certification program the right way requires an incredible amount of ongoing investment. We plan to tackle a host of things: improve infrastructure and processes, revise and improve scoring methodologies, provide better support to our panelists in defense events, sponsor workshops for candidates, and drive industry awareness. We have a team of people that think about VCDX every day; this is more than a one- or two-person endeavor. This increase will help us reach a better point of sustainability as we plan and execute these critical tasks and drive improvements.

      In terms of the framework, the new VCDX releases and their prerequisites will make sense. Your example is valid – we do not want to ask a candidate to repeat the VCAPs just because the versions didn’t line up.

      1. Christopher Lewis

        Hi Karl,

        I’m not denying the journey that a person goes through to get VCDX is not valuable. You could argue a person could get that value without the need for a certification to prove it. All the VCDX program gives people the focus along that journey. That focus is now blurry to those who were looking to defend before April 2018 because of the price increase. Some people will think it is a worthwhile investment in their own brand and others will decide it is not. From a company perspective, I personally do not see the tangible value for employee’s who get VCDX. A company wouldn’t be able to charge an increased rate. The Customer wouldn’t pay 20-30% more per day for someone with VCDX over someone equally as capable but without. So how can I ask my company to invest in it?

        With all due respect, the price of other industry certifications is, in my view, an irrelevant argument as some are cheaper and some are more expensive. You do not make a credential Elite by making it too expensive for people to want to achieve, you make it Elite by making it difficult and worthy to achieve (that is not me saying this is an easy certification to obtain).

        In terms of supporting panelists, I believe it is VMware’s decision to only allow VMware employee’s to be panelists (which is within your gift) and yet the cost of this is being passed down to the people taking the certifications. I’m not saying the cost for non-VMware employees would be different but potentially the availability of defenses tracks in more locations would increase. I’m also not sure what message that delivers to non-VMware VCDX’s, you’re at the pinnacle of the certification tree, the best of the best… but not quite good enough.

        I’ll re-iterate my main point in the original post, VMware are massive company and whilst i acknowledge most of the profits are probably re-invested in R&D to keep you in that top right gartner magic quadrant, improve the certification experience and service you provide and then I’ll happily pay more. Let us see VMware invest in their certification program to the benefit of the takers before asking for us to pay more money for a frankly sub-standard service. I’ll happily advocate price increases in the certifications IF the service was “world class”, but it if we’re being really honest about it, it just isn’t.

  18. Benja


    I completely agree with all your statements

    +1 to:
    Allow anyone who is VCIX6 before 1st April 2017 the ability to defend within 12 months at the original price. That gives anyone who is working for VCIX before April so they can submit an incentive to keep going.

    4000$ is evermore disproportionate

  19. Juliano

    Dear Karl, I need agree with what Graham said. As a VCIX6 and VCI, I think that VMware must reconsider and plan this change for 2018 in the VCDX level. Its OK an VCAP exam be from 450 to 650. But the defense cost 3000 will not do VMware invest more in the education or certification departments. The GA licensing is the first type of income ,this must be reinvested into the departments that cannot generate profit. If you look the VCIX portal is unavailable yet, I cannot see VMware supporting the VCIX level.

  20. Rahman

    Hello there., Could you kindly comment on new VCP exams based on vSphere 6.5? I have attended vSphere 6.5 ICM course and waiting for new exams.

    1. Karl Childs

      Hi Rahman, the new vSphere 6.5 exams are almost complete and will be released early in Q2.

  21. VCDX Fell off my list

    Disclaimer: I do not work for Cisco

    This price increase is ridiculous and flat out price gouging by VMware for a number of reasons.
    The comment was made this is in keeping with the ‘market rate” and being lower than competing programs. Really? Which program, the CCIE, RedHat’s RHCE?
    It is a known fact the CCIE continues to be the standard in the industry and has been for many years.
    I am a CCIE and I enjoyed my journey.
    Cisco’s prices for their written and lab are not at these inflated prices. I can sit the VCDX twice for the cost of a CCIE lab.
    Secondly, Cisco does an excellent job of making the tracks available for testing when they are announced and providing education classes. VMware not so much.
    All these are reflected by the number of CCIE’s in existence and the fact so many continue to thrive for certification.
    Before someone tells me the fact that so few VCDX is a good thing, I disagree. Having less VCDXs doesn’t make the program more attractive. Also, in the partner community engineers aren’t breaking down the door seeking VCDX because VMware offers incentives to do so. Far from it.
    I have also heard the VCAPs are equivalent to the CCIE. If so, take a Cisco lab exam and then you can draw your own conclusions.
    VMware does a poor job of updating the VCDXs and making the tracks available within a reasonable timeframe. Let’s see, VCP7-CMA is ready and VCDX6-CMA isn’t even out. So why would I now care about VCDX6-CMA? Why would I spend my time on v6? Why all these coming soon VCDXs?
    This dovetails into another issue, VMWare needs to break away from versioning. I don’t mean to be a Cisco bigot but I think Cisco solved that issue pretty nicely, don’t you think?

    There are no reasons for VMware to increase prices of this magnitude, beyond wanting to be some limited exclusive club. You guys need to offer a more complete package before you even think of raising prices. Sounds like greed.
    I was hoping to be a 2X CCIE + VCDX. There’s no way I would spend that much on VCDX despite my LOVING VMware and their solutions. I wouldn’t even ask my company to pay for it.
    Utter nonsense VMware!

    1. Karl Childs

      Thanks for the comments. Here a couple of other considerations that provide more context as well:

      – I agree that fewer VCDXs (vs a larger number) does not promote or maintain the value of a program. The opposite is true. Getting to a point where the program is sustainable is critical for any certification program that intends to be around for a long time, and having the numbers of certified people in that program helps make it sustainable. Achieving a specific number of certified professionals then begins to increase the informal promotion, attention and awareness of it, as well as supporting all the infrastructure needs already referred to.

      – There are many criteria that can be used when comparing certifications across different companies. It is never quite a direct comparison, as there are so many different variables used (target audiences, products covered, level of skills, modalities, organization, support structures, etc.). By looking at the levels of certification across both Cisco and VMware (Associate, Professional, Expert and Architect) and the modalities (test center exams, lab exams, in-person panels), the better comparison to VCDX is the CCAr. Both are at the Architect level and aim for the same set of highly-experience and broad architect design skills. Both require an application to be approved before defending in front of a live panel. And both are the elite and at the top of their respective programs.

      – Versioning…ahhh…would love to hear more thoughts on that…

      – The program, relatively, is newer and just starting to really gain momentum. I’m excited to see where this takes us. I see good things happening long-term for this program, and great things will happen for those who are certified.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  22. VCDX Fell off my list


    I hear your thoughts but I strongly disagree with your CCAr comparison. On paper that may be easy to think and that may be VMware’s desire but it is far from the reality in the field.
    I happen to work in the partner community and have been for sometime. I’ve been on the customer side and also am responsible for hiring and managing top engineers. I also listen to engineers as they seek to improve their careers. More and more VCDX does not make that list. A certification has to corner a market, not just in name but in numbers and most importantly, value to an organization. How does an organization quantify the hire of such an individual?
    There are few who can say, yes my billable rate can increase because a VCDX is executing a project. Rest assured with CCIE you can receive a premium on that bill rate.
    Are companies calling me up to say, hey I need a VCDX assigned to my VMware project? I cannot recall receiving such a request. Are end customers willing to absorb that differential for VMware’s solution? I don’t know how much feedback is solicited from field engineers, managers and Human Resources but I speak the language of the customer and the market.
    I implore you to look at the curriculum and speak to actual engineers who are VCAP and CCIE certified. That’s just not a fair comparison.
    Make no mistake, VMware may aspire to have CCAr level certification but on the street that’s not the sentiment.

  23. VCDX Fell off my list


    One other point, you noted the program is relatively new. Indeed you are correct. The emphasis ought to be solidifying the certification and the package offering. That means,not announcing tracks and not developing their associated exams within a reasonable timeframe. Spending time to build out associated training offerings. Possibly means investing in VMware Press
    More or third party authors.
    Possibly also means considering removing this first authorized class requirement. Arguably your bigger established brothers have managed to maintain their demand and luster without this class lock-in requirement. The very notion of its purpose is questionable in 2017, aside from another forced source of revenue.
    I’m not knocking VMware, it’s a capitalistic market but if you are going to raise by these astronomical percentages you best be prepared to defend your offering and make sure it’s nice and tight all around. I dare say more development is required by VMware Education before you can slap down these demands.
    My 2 cents.

  24. ESAM

    Thank you very much, looking forward to see the new prices for developed countries. @VCDX Fell off my list, kindly take it easy, with my due respect to your points, We will go with VMware until the end, no way back, it’s our future, whatever the obstacles and challenges that you mentioned, they will overcome it soon, until then let’s enjoy the era of VMware VIRTUALIZATION. All the very best.

  25. Paul

    After reading all the above comments I will have to say the vmware certification track I have been on is likely to end given the price increases and the poor performance of beta exam marking. I did the beta exams back in 2015 and they were not marked for 5 months and we couldn’t even register for the full exam that had come out during those 5 months. Sadly it sounds like there has been no improvement in the process on the beta exams at least. I totally agree with the updating of infrastructure for better performance before you increase costs as we might see value in the money at that point.

    Those of us that have been self financing the courses and exams thought the VMware certification program was a great idea. I’ve not yet found an employer interested in seeing a certification. Given the new costs I will have to consider new options. Being in Canada and the dollar difference is making it unreachable to go the end of the current certification paths especially after the latest price increases.

  26. Ranjna

    Hi Karl,
    Can you please clarify about “alternate pricing will be available for developing countries through the Pearson VUE web site”?

    1. Karl Childs

      Hi Ranjna, after April 1 you will be able to see the list of your local price when registering for exams. You may also be able to find out pricing now through your local account manager, or by sending an email to certification@vmware.com. That should be sent to me and I can look up individual countries.

  27. Ven

    I just hope the advanced exams are conducted with better hardware. I took a couple of VCP exams and the Perason VUE exam centers have very small monitors and slow infrastructure. This kind of setup will not work for the Advanced certs. This is a lot of money for certification and my personal experience is most companies don’t really care what certification you posses, they would like to base the selection on their interview feedback. Companies who are new to VMware will consider candidates with certificates but will not pay that much.
    There are lot of stories where candidates failed the advanced exams because of crappy GUI. Don’t see VMware fixing that and just increase exam fee.
    So, I request VMware to better judge the situation before such hike.

    1. Karl Childs

      Hi Ven,

      I understand the frustrations with the lab exams. While we have improved the number of successful deliveries by almost 80% with this last version, admittedly there are still improvements we are working on. We have been able to expand the number of testing centers greatly that offer the VCAP Deployment exams, and only those that meet certain criteria are offering the exam to better ensure successful deliveries. Of course, if there is still hardware issues we can investigate, but they should meet minimum criteria. So we are working on a lot of fixes right now, and I am excited to see the results.

  28. Karthikeyan Arjunan

    Dear Karl,

    I am applying for VCDX6 on June and defense August 2017 also today have pre-register for VCDX intend to use existing price.

    Do I still need to purchase an exam voucher before April 1st ? Or any other clause in-order to enjoy existing VCDX cost (300+900).

    Please advise.


    1. Karl Childs

      Hi Karthik, as long as you’ve submitted your intent to apply in June and have earned your VCAPs, then you will be able to use the current pricing for the application in June and the defense in August. So you should be good.

      Since the exams are not delivered through Pearson, there are no vouchers available, which is why you needed to submit your intent.

      Good luck!

  29. James

    This reminds me of the vRAM entitlement days on vSphere 5.x. Except this time the price is to the engineers and architects who like to keep the alphabet soup of certifications in signatures. I have been doing VMware certs since the early days. I welcomed the VCAP exams. They are a great edition. Everyone I know pays for certifications out of they’re own pocket. It is rare to find companies these days paying for such things. As a person who does the technical interview process where I am, certifications do not weigh much against experience. I have done VCAP exams, but they mean nothing to medium and large businesses. They are only flashy for the consulting companies to show off talent. So that “value” of the certification is more for sales and not representative of the engineer or architect. Not saying certifications are worthless to individuals, they certainly bring a resume to the top of a pile. As a company who makes quit a profit on the top tier virtualization product on the market, I’m not sure why the certification dept has been such a mess. HOL was a great edition to the process. But cutting the time length of certs and increasing costs when some exams have had such issue is only hurting the engineers and architects who strive to put the best virtualization platform in the enterprise. Try not to look to much like ferengi.

  30. Miles Baidack

    Why in the world is there ANY charge for any of these certifications? We’re out here selling and supporting YOUR products – which we pay for when sold to end users – and we are investing our time and effort to learn how to use, sell and support YOUR products and then you charge us for the “privilege” of becoming and remaining “certified.” (And I won’t even delve into the real life capabilities of too many certificate holders). Geez, gimme a break!

    1. Tom Toiviainen


      After reading through the discussion, i see most opinions as valid from the posters point of view.
      I agree most with James and Miles.
      I am half-way on the VMware certification ladder, holding a VCAP-Design certification but not yet VCIX.
      I have seen the VCDX as a definite goal for the last five years.
      My plan until today was to do the VCIX and then go for the VCDX.
      I am paying for this myself, knowing that it will add value to me as a consultant.

      Now things are changing.
      In my ears you are basically saying that if i want to pay to get VCDX certified and ,maybe, make some more money flashing that cert, you want that money too, in advance. ().
      I am a singe self-employed person, devoted to VMware technology, a VMware Partner, and i will always be on the barricade for VMware, but.. i will not take financial risks as a “sponsor” for your VCDX certification program.
      That is outside my business plan as i have no guaranteed revenues from it.

      My new plan, forming as a result of the new policy, is to finish the VCIX-DCV and move on to the VMware Desktop or Network certification track.
      Multiple VCIX will probably work better for me, and for my business plan.
      Best of luck with your VCDX program!

      / Tom

  31. John

    Yes, I agree with all of you not working for VMware and the current VMware certification holder.
    In the past few years, VMware certification has been a lucrative and well sought after, even with 50% discount voucher.

    Nowadays when verything has been moved or migrated to Azure Cloud or AWS, VMware certification is started to be less attractive. But WHY VMware is just making it harder and more expensive not the other way around ?

    24 months validity and the recertification path from the foundation level plus mandatory training is just a big waste of money and time.
    Clearly VMware has not listened to the people who promotes their product, much like the Web client thread here:https://communities.vmware.com/thread/477686

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