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VCIX6 Certification Announcement: Part 3 of 3 (Exam Guides)

VCAPIn this three-part blog series (see parts one and two) I told you the news about the continuation of the VCAP brand for our advanced v6 certifications and the addition of the VCIX6 designation for those who earn both VCAP6 certifications (Design and Deploy). Now, I want to give you the information that you need to start getting ready to take the exam (and hopefully participate in the beta exams).

Below are links to downloadable Exam Guides for each of the upcoming VCAP6 exams. Please realize that these are advanced copies of the Exam Guides (Drafts), but Jon H. and this team worked very hard to get these into a near-final state. The absoute final versions, along with new web pages will be posted on our website in early January, so please make sure to check back the VMware Certification website for the final versions.

In addition to the Exam Guides VMware offers training courses that will help you prepare for the exams. Both Design and Deployment functions/roles are covered in these courses so there is one course aligned to each Certification Solution track. You should definitely consider taking one of these courses as a part of your preparation.

Now just a few tips and strategy  on preparing for the exam:

  • Review the Objectives in the Exam Guide and conduct a Gap Analysis on your own skills. For each objective give yourself a grade from 1-5, depending upon your skills, knowledge and/or level of comfort with each topic.
  • Based upon the Gap Analysis, build a personalized study plan that will help you close the gaps (focusing more effort on the largest gaps). At a minimum this should include study, training and plenty of hands-on practice.
  • Set a reasonable timeline and set a deadline by scheduling the exam – this will provide motivation. Don’t be unreasonable, give yourself some time.
  • Execute on your study plan, with your test date firmly in mind.

I hope that all of this information is useful in helping you prepare.

Thank you!


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Paul Sorensen

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15 thoughts on “VCIX6 Certification Announcement: Part 3 of 3 (Exam Guides)

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  2. Mert

    Is it possible as a current VCP5 to write an VCAP exam, take the other VCIX exam and receive the VCIX certification?
    Or do we also have to do VCP6 first?

  3. Jeremy Ey

    Any word on what product versions will be covered by the exams? I’m specifically interested in the DTM exams and the difference between View versions 6.0.0 and 6.2.0/6.2.1 has an impact on some of the objectives.

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  5. Brian

    When will the VAP5 exams be retired? I’m studying for VCAP-DCA and hope I have enough time to pass.

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  10. Erick Marshall

    Since the new VCIX sites aren’t up yet, I assume the beta candidates aren’t going to be able to sit the exams until next month? With the VCIX still in beta, will you keep the VCAP/VCIX requirement waived for the May 15th VCDX submission deadline for DTM?

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  12. russ oconnor

    Thanks for all the work that has been put into the blueprints

    Could someone clarify the scope of the dcv-design exam, in the blueprint (Beta Exam Preparation Guide Version 1.2), Section 1.1 it states that among products and technologies covered are vRealize Operations.

    Is the exam scope of the design exam limited to vRealize Operations, or could other modules such as vRealize Automation, Business, Log Insight, or those in the DevOps-Ready Suite be included.

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