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VCIX6 Certification Announcement: Part 2 of 3 (Updates to Certification Structure and Paths)

(This is part two of a series: see parts one and three)

Since we first started rolling out the first v6 certifications we’ve been asking a lot of questions about the new structure. Based upon the feedback that we have received from you we have decided to update the structure of our advanced credentials.

These updates are as follows:

We had originally planned to retire the VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) certification altogether. However, based upon customer feedback we are reversing that decision (refer to the diagram below). For v6 the VCAP level will not be going away. You will be able to earn a VCAP6 Design and/or a VCAP6 Deployment certification when you pass the corresponding Design exam or Deployment exam (lab).

Furthermore, in addition to the individual VCAP6 certifications, we want to give special recognition to those that earn both Design and Deployment certifications as this is a significant achievement. So, beginning with v6 those who earn both VCAP6 Design and VCAP6 Deployment certifications will be awarded the VMware Certified Implementation Expert 6 (VCIX6) certification for that track. There are no additional requirements – earn both VCAP6 Design and VCAP6 Deployment certifications and you will automatically receive VCIX6 certification.

Because both Design and Deployment skills are critical, our goal is to get as many people as possible to upgrade to the VCIX level. For that reason, VMware’s Design and Deploy training courses will cover both skills, the VCIX6 certification will be the prerequisite to becoming a VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX), and special benefits will be awarded to those who achieve VCIX6 certification.


Upgrade Paths

For those of you with existing advanced certifications, the upgrade or migration paths will be the same as previously discussed:

  • From VCAP5 Design to VCIX6 → Earn the VCAP6 Deployment certification by passing the VCAP6 Deployment Exam (lab).
  • From VCAP5 Administration to VCIX6 → Earn the VCAP6 Design certification by passing the VCAP6 Design Exam.
  • From VCAP5 Administration and VCAP5 Design (both) to VCIX6 → Earn either the VCAP6 Design or the VCAP6 Deployment certification
  • From VCAP5 Administration to VCAP6 Deployment → Pass the VCAP6 Deployment Exam (lab)
  • From VCAP5 Design to VCAP6 Design → Pass the VCAP6 Design Exam

One last note: The VCIX6-NV certification will continue to be a little different for the foreseeable future (there is not a Design Exam component). There will only be a VCIX6 Deployment exam and a VCIX-NV certification can be earned by passing the related Exam. In our current framework the Design component for Network Virtualization is covered at the VCDX level. This will likely change in 2016.

Coming in the next post: Exam Guides (drafts),  links to recommended training and tips on preparing for the exam.

Let us know what you think about these changes by replying to this post.




25 thoughts on “VCIX6 Certification Announcement: Part 2 of 3 (Updates to Certification Structure and Paths)

  1. Chris Kilpatrick


    I am really pleased VMware have made this changes, thanks for listening to the community.

    I am a VCAP5-DCD currently and before this change came about I was thinking “do I really want to do a deployment exam to get my VCIX6 as I work solely in Architecture”, I realise low level technical detail is valuable in design but for certification purposes none of my employers would be particularly impressed with a deployment cert on my CV. It’s great that I can get just get the design cert now in v6 if I want.

    Bearing all that in mind I may go all the way to VCDX in v6 which means I need the deployment cert too, but gaining the VCIX cert on the way to VCDX is a great motivational carrot. Well done VMware.

  2. Russ OConnor

    Thank you VMware for being reasonable, I appreciate that you listened to feedback, and have come up with a solution that is attractive for everyone.
    For a while I though you should go a similar route to Microsoft – pass multiple exams to get MCSA or MCSE certified, but this is a better solution.
    You have found a way of keeping VCAP valuable and making VCIX appealing.

    Will you be publishing figures for the number of certified VCAP/VCIX in the future?

  3. Rich Dowling


    Could you clarify whether someone with both VCAP5 certs who takes a VCAP6 cert to get VCIX6-DCV will inherit the other VCAP6 cert that the VCIX6 consists of, or whether to get both VCAP6 certs they will have to take both exams?

    (I hope that’s clear!)


    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Rich,

      Great question – If you hold both VCAP5 certs and upgrade one of your VCAP5 certs to VCAP6 you will get the VCIX6 (we want to make the upgrade path a single exam process), but you will not have your other VCAP5 upgraded automatically. I know that is a little weird, but due to previously announced paths we really wanted a single exam path for those who possess both VCAP5 certifications.


  4. Graeme Vermeulen

    I’m really happy for 3 reasons.

    1) Existing VCAP5 holders have an upgrade path to VCIX6.
    2) VCAP6 exams come with separate qualifications.
    3) VMware Education listened to its users and made us happy!

    Thank you VMware!!

    As others have mentioned, it’d be nice to publish numbers on how many certified VCAP holders there are, and holders of multiple VCAPs. It’s something employers and partners ask all the time.

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  6. Benjamin Troch

    So what about stripping current VCP holders from their well earned titles? Is that still go? There was the whole idea of taking away elder VCp titles and not displaying them in the transcript. What is the decision there?
    Microsoft does a great job there: I still have my MCP 1999 on NT4, of course unusable but I worked/studied for it so I still wanna see it on my transcript. Thanks for the feedback. Best, Ben

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  8. Steve

    Will a valid VCP be required to upgrade to VCAP6 or will a VCAP5 (or higher) meet the certification prerequisite?

    1. Paul SorensenPaul Sorensen Post author

      Hi Steve,

      You will need to hold a current VCP6 to move to VCAP6.


      1. Steve

        Hi Paul,

        You mentioned the VCP6. My VCP5 is about to expire and I was planning to take the VCP5 delta exam. Will this (along with my VCAP5-DCA and DCD) meet the prerequisites or do I have to actually have the new VCP6 as well?



      2. Brian


        I do not understand. In your blog you said the following “From VCAP5 Administration to VCIX6 → Earn the VCAP6 Design certification by passing the VCAP6 Design Exam.” Why are you saying a VCP6 is required when you previously said this upgrade path is earned by passing the VCAP6 design exam?


        1. Dan Johnson

          I would also like to know the answer to this.

          The exam blueprint states

          Candidates are required to obtain a valid VMware Certified Professional 6 certification prior to attempting this certification.

          However this blog post states that double VCAP 5 holders only need to take 1 exam to get VCiX6.

          For instance I’m a VCAP 5.5, does that mean I have to sit 2 exams? VCP6 exam before sitting a VCAP6 exam?

          Bit of a pain if so! A VCAP5 should be enough of a pre-req to jump straight to VCAP6 without having to sit the VCP!

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  11. GD

    Is there any indication at all as to when the vcap-dca 5.5 exam will be retired? Can you see it retired within first half of 2016?
    My dilemma is whether I should step it up and take that exam or forget about it and concentrate on vcp6 followed by vcap 6 deployment.

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