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Stand Out from the Crowd – VMware Launches Associate Level Certification

You already know that to stay relevant as an IT professional (or an aspiring one), you need to keep up-to-date with an ever-expanding range of virtualization technologies.

But how do you do that?

With the new VMware Certified Associate (VCA) certification, which we are proudly launching today!

It’s the simplest, most affordable way to prove that you have the industry-leading VMware know-how that will help you advance your career and solidify your relevance and credibility.

We’ve heard a lot of stories and seen first hand so many times how our VMware Certified Professionals (VCPs) and VMware Certified Advanced Professionals (VCAPs) have benefited from their certifications. With the VCA program, we are expanding to help every level of IT practitioner get started on the VMware certification path.

Training isn’t required to become a VMware Certified Associate, but we’ve made free eLearning courses available for each one: Data Center Virtualization, Cloud, and Workforce Mobility.

Get started today and we’ll even give you 50% off the exam. And don’t forget, if you decide to pursue VMware certifications beyond associate, you’ll already have a head start.

If you’re ready to stand out from the crowd, to gain confidence with customers and managers, and to take advantage of every career opportunity that comes your way, you’re ready for the VMware Certified Associate certification.

And if you’re a hiring manager looking for candidates with the knowledge, drive, and adaptability necessary to help your business compete in today’s marketplace, we bet you’re already keeping an eye out for our VMware Certified Professionals. We hope you’ll add VMware Certified Associates to your list.

15 thoughts on “Stand Out from the Crowd – VMware Launches Associate Level Certification

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  2. Seth Kedddy

    Thank you! I could never afford to go to a class but I have Company supplied material now I can take my knowledge with me.

  3. abhishek shukla

    i would like to join this certification.. i want to also confirm ur company give internship to student of NIT.

  4. Aakash jacob

    Completed all the three associate certifications. Is there a way to find whats my certification number as in how many have completed before me.

    1. Jill LilesJill Liles Post author

      Congratulations on your new certifications. We’re not assigning sequential numbers for these certifications so there’s no way to tell how many have them before you, but you are among the first.

  5. Danny Stevens (@rustednuggs)

    Hello – Is the e-learning course the only study available for the cloud exam? Any pointers or guidance? A nice practice exam would be great.


    1. Jill LilesJill Liles Post author


      The elearning is the best option for preparing for the exams at this point. We’re working on a practice exam, but it’s not ready yet.

      You could also review the free online videos at http://www.vmwarelearning.com but keep in mind they aren’t directly tied to the exam the way the elearning is.

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