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5 New Free elearning Courses

The VMware training team has released another set of free, online elearning courses covering cloud, BCDR, and more.

View Fundamentals [V5.0] – covers the main features and components in the VMware View solution and how to install and configure VMware View.

VMWare vCloud Director Fundamentals [V1.5] – introduces students to the components, architecture, functions, and benefits of vCloud Director.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Design 5.1 Fundamentals – explores the concept of disaster, recovery sites, disaster recovery or DR and business continuity or BC issues, and the planning process.

VMware vCenter Operations Manager Fundamentals [V5.X] – shows you how to install and configure vCenter Operations Manager as well as how to use its many robust features.

VMware vSphere: Transition to ESXi Essentials [V4.1] – covers the requirements and effects of transitioning your VMware vSphere environment to VMware ESXi.