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A Woman’s World: VMware Spotlight on Aneesah Abdul Kadhar

“The tech industry is multifaceted, so find something that interests you. Venture in it, truly it is an amazing journey.”

Aneesah Abdul Kadhar’s passion for the learning opportunities that tech presents on daily basis are what drove her to pursue the field as a teenager. Now, she’s a graduate TAM learning the ropes at VMware Dubai.

Whether she’s developing her expertise in multi-cloud or working toward her VCP in Application Modernization, Aneesah is always taking advantage of opportunities to learn around VMware. She’s also building her skills by working with a mentor, interfacing with vExperts, and taking part in TAM roundtables to learn more about assisting customers.

Shift to software

Aneesah always knew she wanted to pursue STEM, which led her to study electrical engineering in undergrad. However, she was drawn to the software industry because of its educational possibilities. “Technology has transformed the way we live our lives and offers various possibilities. There is always a new and exciting approach to solve a problem and so the learning never stops. “

After completing her master’s degree in computer software engineering, she set her sights on the VMware Academy. The Academy helped her discover a love for working with both VMware products and customers across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

“You get to be part of not just a company that has forever revolutionized your tech industry, but also work closely with the products,” she emphasized. “At the same time, as a TAM I get to explore the human side of things. You get the chance of working closely with customers, solving their technical challenges, and which, in the end, is a rewarding and gratifying journey all in all.”

She also loves the TAM team she works on. “Everyone around is super passionate about the technology, about the work that we do, and at the same time, building a TAM community together. You’re welcomed to learn more or to explore more, and everyone wants to be part of your success.”

Finding community

Like many women, Aneesah was warned early on that she’d be in a male-dominant world if she continued to pursue tech. She even remembers being asked whether she thought she could succeed in such a field.

She was one of only three girls in her electrical engineering program and had a similar experience in graduate school. She experienced imposter syndrome for the first time in her master’s program since she didn’t come from a coding background but was expected to catch up quickly.

What made her start to feel more confident was connecting with the tech community. “The tech community allows you to meet and collaborate with like-minded people in the industry. It is also a safe space when you are experiencing challenges as you are connected with people who can guide you to overcome any difficulties. It’s the community that helped me with my imposter syndrome.”

Working with her first mentor, Principal TAM Varghese Philipose, also helped Aneesah find her place in tech. The two regularly check in and exchange ideas over the phone, which gives her additional insight into solving common customer challenges.

“It’s important to have a mentor to guide and get feedback at every step of the way. The regular feedback helps in better collaboration of ideas, your personal growth and learning.”

Looking to the future   

Aneesah feels that mentorship and the tech community are helpful resources for women in tech careers. While the industry still has more work to do, she feels positive about changes she’s already seeing.

“This industry was dominated by men. However, there’s a shift. There are greater number of women who enjoy coding and are interested in tech and there are multiple support pods and communities that support women to find their place in this industry. We are part of this change, and I am glad many women are embarking on this journey.”

She offers this advice to women interested in tech: “At the end of the day, you need to be confident and be ready to get out of your comfort zone. This industry is all about learning and brining in unique approaches to solve a problem. It is essential to have mentors and reach out to people in the community for guidance and help.”

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