VMworld 2021: Featured Sessions (EMEA)

Have a VMworld General Pass? Enjoy these Breakout Sessions.

Meet the Expert Sessions

Supercharge and Secure the EUC Design Lifecycle for the Government Sector

Ever wondered how VMware Professional Services architecture and deployment governance helps our federal government customers run their business operations strategically and efficiently during a crisis? Learn strategies from experts in the field who address challenges related to…

Get Close to 100% Automation to Get to True Cloud Operations at Scale

This session will provide examples of large-scale engagements that demonstrate how to obtain nearly 100% automation. Learn how to experience cloud operations at scale.

Uncover How to Make the Cloud Infrastructure Everywhere Journey Successful

This session will cover lessons learned and best practices from recent large customer deployments to help you uncover how to make your cloud infrastructure everywhere journey successful using VMware solutions at scale.

NSX at Scale – Lessons Learned from Mega- Deployments

Experts who helped deploy VMware NSX-T for major U.S. banks will discuss challenges and solutions experienced by the field team using VMware Cloud Foundation with VMware NSX. The areas that will be covered span feature scalability, ecosystem compatibility, supportability…

Open Source Appliances in Production: Day 2 Ops with VMware

VMware is strongly aligned with the open source community, supporting and innovating with open source projects and Flings. Kubernetes is often used as the foundation for such projects because of its great flexibility, modularity and extensibility. Platforms such as the VMware Event Broker…

Tech+ Tutorial Sessions

Take Your Windows Deployment to the Next Level

In this session, we will go through all configuration steps for Autopilot Hybrid Join and Drop Ship Offline with Hybrid Join. We will provide an end-to-end configuration guide for unified endpoint management (UEM), Azure, and the VMware Tunnel client. Join us and learn how to provide…

Best Practices for Implementing the Workspace ONE SDK

The VMware Workspace ONE SDK allows you to increase security on in-house app. In this session, we will discuss the benefits of Workspace ONE SDK integration and provide best practices for integrating through practical use cases. There will be a live demo of Workspace ONE SDK integration.

Lessons From a Real-Life VMware Cloud Director Availability Implementation

This session will explore a real-life scenario of a complex VMware Cloud Director Availability implementation. Our expert will dissect the challenges and pitfalls, and show how they were able to create a solution to overcome them. We will also share some tips and tricks along with best practices to…

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